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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Love My Chickens, But....

Often, they come to the door, begging me to come out and feed them. Come on, there is a whole yard of beautiful grass and bugs. Find your own dinner!

I feed them first thing every morning. Then, they are full and have no motivation to hunt and peck. This holds true mostly in the summer heat. They have a favorite bush under which to sit. Now that it is cooler, I notice the hunt and peck more vigorously. Good girls!

The problem is--almost every time they come to me, I feed them. So, my training is helping I just cannot resist. Fancy was the designated beggar along with being quite a conversationalist even when she sat on my lap or just stood by me on the swing. It seems that Thelma and Louise are more vocal now, especially Thelma. But, she has such a sweet little voice, unlike the shrill voice of Fancy.

So, I give in. Yesterday, exbf who had come by to do chores I cannot was the object of beggars. He said they rushed up the steps when he opened the door, saw him and just went back down.

I do feed my hens, but do expect them to get some of their protein and all their greens by themselves. This winter, I will provide almost all of their greens. Remember, I use no commercial foods, just people food.

As I took oats out to feed them, I spilled some. So, yesterday, I opened the door when they were on the porch begging and allowed them to peck all the oats from the linoleum floor just inside the door. Then, they left without a "Thank You." Now, I have a clean floor. No, they did not poop in the house. But, I know how to and am willing to clean it from the floor.

I do expect to feed them morning, noon, and night. However, I do have to lock them in their pen so the black chicken from behind won't be chowing down, too. Nothing discourages this chicken except its fear of me. I don't chase it away now, and I don't throw pine cones to make it go away, but it has a long memory.

Your turn
Does anyone have chickens that are allowed to free range that seem to beg for food lots of the time? Do your chickens ever come inside, with or without your permission? Mine seem to feel an open door is an invitation.  Tell me a story about your spoiled chickens.


  1. Hahaha! That's so funny that they ran when exbf opened the door and then walked away dejected when they saw it wasn't you. Smart girls! lol

    1. Sue,
      He never feeds them when they come to the door. He only feeds them in their pen. Yes, he can tell they have sad faces, sometimes.

  2. My free range chickens race to me every time they see me and start to beg like they are starving. Red grapes are like chicken heroin, apparently. And every single time they see the open door, they race inside like we are having a hurricane. We live in so. cal. sothe weather is nice.


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