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Saturday, October 20, 2012

So Mad I Could Spit

Bluest sky I have ever seen at 8 am
Remember this when I am castigated for my "attitude."
I am looking as straight up as I can without falling over.
No clouds.
I could see about 80% of the horizon, but it was murky at the horizon.

I had my hair cut on October 4. I go in for a dry cut always. She told me all about how she was not just about cutting hair: customer service was her goal. Right, okay, whatever. She did not cut my bangs the right length--about 3/4 in beyond my eyebrows is about an inch too long. She did not cut it curving up between my eyebrows. However, I asked for it to be cut more and she did, adding a little teasing to my bangs, making it look perfect. I do not have the time or motivation to tease my bangs!

She talked nonstop, which was okay. She was very friendly, sweet girl, trying on the adult world. I was complaining about my straight hair, saying I always wanted curls and had permanents until I had to choose between curls and color. Yes, I chose color.

When she finished up, I thought, she then pointed the scissors downward and just thinned my hair in front of my ear from top to bottom like a razor cut. I specifically told her I DID NOT want her to do that. She tried to explain how she cut instead of slicing or something. Then, she could not understand that I wanted little layers in that hair because it would naturally curl. Now, I had about 8 inches of stringy hair that just blows in the wind like a guy's bad comb over. (I cut it at home.)

I tried not to show my really bad attitude I was developing. She said brightly, "Do you want me to curl it?" I just sat there, wondering why she was asking when I had said I did not like anyone curling, spraying, or messing with my hair. I said, "Okay." She curled my teased bangs and left them in an unruly heap in the middle of my forehead, nothing over the ends of my brows, just space, like a rasher of bangs plopped down and not even blended with the side of my hair next to my face.

Then, she proceeded to curl it all over and I allowed her to spray it. I left and started pulling the huge curls out of my bangs and spread then across my forehead and pulled them to meet the hair on just beyond the bangs.

I got lots of compliments that night at a dinner. Greeeaaat!

Before I went to bed, most curl had fallen out. That's okay as it beats have product all in my hair. I awake every morning with bed head, hair all over and obscuring my face. That was October  5.

Saturday, I went out minimally doing anything to the still fluffy head of hair. Saturday night, I washed it or maybe Sunday morning.

Then, I went in two times during the following week, trying to get the bangs re cut. One time, she was not there. The next time she was busy. She told me to come in on Saturday, October 13, that she would be there until 4 pm. I went in at three and they said she stayed until 5 minutes before I came. I just missed her, that she stayed so long just for me.

I went back in this last week, October 17. She was trying to figure out when she could take me. I told her Saturday when she was not busy would be fine. She said she stayed until 1:45 and left because I had not come in like I said I would. Wellll, she said she would be there until 4 pm! And, everybody else said she stayed until 5 minutes before I showed up at 3 pm. When I told her that, she looked away like she was looking for an answer in space. I let her off the hook and asked her when to come back.

At any rate, she told me to come back on Saturday, today,  at 1:30. I did that and had to wait 40 minutes for her to get to me. At long last, she came out and my back was killing me from sitting upright! She asked all perky-like, "How are you today?" (got the lilting voice?)

As I struggled to get to my feet, I said, "Fine" in an unconvincing tone. Then, she spread her arms to the sky and flung her hands out and said, "It's a glorious day. You should really be enjoying this. It is beautiful."  Well, you did not ask me about the day. You asked me about how I was doing. No, I did not say it, but the urge to kill must have shown on my face. She continued to tell me how I should be out walking and enjoying the day. Can I kill her now?

If there is one thing I despise, it is someone who thinks she/he has to be a cheerleader for my emotions when I am in agony. No, a chirpy voice and positive attitude on your part does not make me feel better, especially when a 20-yr-old is casting judgment on me. Can I kill her now?

So, she cut my bangs all wrong--straight across instead of following the line of my brow and leaving the part at the outer end of my brow longer. I pointed out that she cut it wrong. She grabbed a magazine and tried to show me how the woman had bangs just like she cut. I told her I know how I want my bangs and just don't show me someone else's hair. Cut mine like it was when I came in, just shorter. She argued with her big, beautiful smile while customers watched. Please, let me kill her now!

"Look, you left one side tapered and cut the other side straight across like I am four-years-old." She offered to fix it! HA!

Her response, "At least hair grows" all the while making little happy claps and sort of dancing around smiling her beautiful smile that I really wanted to wipe from her face. Can I kill her now???

I struggled to get out of the chair with her still being the cheerleader AND coach now, encouraging me and trying to tell me how to stand up. Please, pleeease, let me kill her now!

She went to the front with me and I headed to the door. She said, "Ugh, that will be $10?"

"To cut bangs that were not right when I left last cut?"

"Well, you should have said so then!"

"You teased my bangs and curled them. It was only when I washed my hair that I realized how long they were. And, I did come back in within 3 or 4 business days." She continued to argue as I silently pulled out my checkbook. Then, seeing the grim look on my face, she stood up and put her hands at arms length, palms facing me. "No, No, that's okay, just forget it. The customer is always right. The customer is always right."

"So, what you are saying tells me you are just going to give me my way even though I am wrong, just to shut me up, and that you don't really think I am right. You are just going to give in and be the bigger person? No, I will pay you!" I despise condescension.

I hobbled out with a white rage inside me. kill kill kill

I know how I will get even. I will not tip her the next two times! I will go in with a wallet with only a $1 and change. (I always write a check for my haircuts, well, most always.) I will very sincerely apologize. Two haircuts ought to make us even, two times without a tip! Okay, I will lay down $1 and less than 10 cents in change.

Thank you for listening!

Your turn
Can I kill her now?


  1. Can I ask, why you go back to her? I am still looking for someone that will cut my hair the way I want it not how they think I want it. I give them one chance and then move on. You are much kinder than I am.

    1. I went to her once and just returned so she could cut an inch off my bangs. I will stick with a person who seems to want to please and listens to me. When a person just starts cutting for the first time I visit, I almost throw up because she is just getting it over with to collect her money.

      I had someone tell me once that, actually, it was a cute cut. Yes, maybe, just not what I asked for and had to pay for, like it or not!

      After I wrote and published, I realized I only had her cut my hair because the one I wanted was out, the one who cut it right. So, I will just go back to the same person I had before.

  2. The next two times???? Why on earth would you go back to someone who didn't listen when you told her how you wanted your hair cut! There must be someone else in your area who will be more responsive to your wishes.

    I have had my hair cut by the same friend for over 25 years.

    1. Janet,
      I basically changed my mind one I published and went out of the Oh, there are plenty of people. A student I befriended and supported when she was being bullied has offered to cut my hair for free. At least, she really wants to cut my hair. For free and someone learning, it cannot be too bad.

      I had the same beautician from the time I was 17 to 29. I would drive from Missouri and Kentucky to get her to cut my hair in Memphis. I would make an appointment to get my hair cut before I left to my mother's house. that beautician died a tragic death.

      The last longtime(15 years, I think) beautician moved about 75 miles away, but I don't have any other reason to go that far. Plus, it would be too costly.

      If you live near me, I will drive to get my hair cut by someone who cares. LOL...the teen might do a good job.You are so lucky. I got lucky for long stretches of time. I am going to take pictures of my bangs and post them.

    2. Janet,
      I see you are in CA. Rats!

  3. Anonymous,
    You are right. It is not worth commenting negatively on someone's blog, especially when you tell me how I am mean to diss the young woman in public. I gave no information to identify her.

  4. Oh how I hate anonymous commenters. No balls. No glory.

    What you SHOULD have done when she asked for payment was to say "But I already paid you for the cut, you were just correcting your mistakes!... You really need to get outside and enjoy this day!"

    I have been cutting my hair for 40 years. I even cut the back. My hair is thin and baby fine and all it takes is ONE mistake to ruin half my head.

    If you don't believe me, the hair that is on my banner? It's a wig! The other photos are me in all my baby fine glory. God help me if there's a breeze.

  5. Maybe 25 years ago I went into a Fantastic Sam's chain shop. The woman that cut me was wonderful! I wear my hair really short and cut over my ears. It is hard to find someone who will actually cut it SHORT enough. If you don't go pretty short it will quickly look like you need a trim especially right over the ears. Anyway, Donna did a wonderful job but the next time I went in she had moved on. Because of our conversation during my visit I knew that her dad was a car wholesaler. I knew another wholesaler and believe it or not I was able to track her down. My friend, to her Dad to his former wife and on to Donna once I explained myself and gave the mother my number to pass on to Donna (if she wanted to call) I guess you could say that I am a stalker from way back!

    She has cut me in 3 different shops, two mobile homes,3 apartments and for the last 13 or so years in my family room! Deaths of parents, births of grandchildren and break ups of all kinds. To say that we became CLOSE friends would be an understatement! I hope you find someone like Donna!

    It's true that hair grows out but a stylist should never say that. That is sort of like hearing your dentist say OOPS! .... that happened to me!

    1. Janet,
      How wonderful! I would not deliberately make a friend of a hairdresser, but it could happen, easily. After 25 years, I am sure you did become close. I can only dream.

      The dentist said that? I would pass out.

  6. lotta joy,
    You are so right! I was trying to defend myself instead of pointing out her faults. Actually, her big thing was that it had been 2 1/2 weeks. She was a sass mouth, so I was not going to put up with her high-pitched complaining, all done for the benefit of her audience in the back.

    Your hair looks great in the back. I may have to resort to cutting my own all the time. Oh, just read--wig.

    I do understand the slight breeze thing.

    1. I just ordered another one from Paula Young. I don't wear them often, since I feel like it's too obvious, and I hate the heat they produce. So I ordered one that is "supposed" to be lightweight. I cut the back of my real hair exactly like the wig in my banner, but since my hair is soft and fine, it doesn't "lift and layer" as much as it "lays flat and stays flat". lol

    2. lotta joy,
      That is what I try to tell hairdressers who want to make sure the ends are thinned to nothing. "Lays flat and stays flat" describes my hair perfectly!

  7. Seriously? Every day our fine young men and women are being killed or maimed in overseas wars. In this country hundreds of babies are born drug addicted. People all over the nation are struggling to keep their jobs, keep a roof over their heads, and feed their families. And you didn't get the haircut you wanted. Usually I enjoy your posts. Honestly, not this one. Sylvia

  8. I was going to say what everyone already said - I wouldn't go back to her, so I'm glad to hear you changed your mind about that!

    I despise getting my hair cut at a shop at this point in life. I've sat in that chair and had the same type of experience you just talked about one too many times. I've had a couple of decent cutters over the years, but they always moved, or I moved, or whatever - and then it was back to the painful experience of finding a new one. I grew my hair out long, long enough that I could pull the back foward and trim it myself, and I cut the front. I got tired of that and begged my man to cut it for a couple of years. He was afraid of messing up, but I told him all he had to do was cut a straight line and all would be fine - finally he did it, and now does it. I still cut the front - there is no way I would let him near But it's long enough it's kinda hard to screw up. The last time he cut it he said he was going to take off 1 1/2" and when he cut it was 3 1/2"!!!! I gave him a hard time for not having very good "eye balling" skills, but I really don't care - it's long enough it doesn't matter to me exactly how long it is.

    Anyway, all of that is to say I've BTDT. I hope you get the right lady next time and that she does a fab job for you:)

    1. Yes, I do know the search, the agonizing search! I gave exbf a ruler when he could not figure out what a half inch was! Yes, he was afraid of messing up, too, because I am "so particular" about my hair. He did a great job!

      I am going to the same shop and get the woman who cut it twice and then was not there when I just walked in.

      "Well, hair grows!" is not what I want to hear from a hairdresser who just screwed up my hair after I told her three times what not to cut.

  9. Sylvia,
    Thanks for your comment. Like you pointed out, atrocities are occurring all over the world, people suffer. And, yet, you are concerned enough about my peevish post to take time from your day to complain.

    This is a most amazing comment, Sylvia, like the pot calling the kettle black.Hmmm.......

  10. I was totally blown away by the 'I want to kill her' comment. Over hair? Like Sylvia, normally I enjoy your blog, but this was done in really poor taste it showed a very angry woman. Bigger dragons to slay in this world. Pretty shallow to be worried over your hair cut. Laura

    1. Laura,
      So, for one bit of anger, you are shaming me? I will worry over whatever I please! Okay, what are your insecurities. I ended up paying $45 for a shitty haircut! If you don't need to worry about money, I am so pleased for you.

  11. AAAAK! I have super fine hair also. Takes me for ever to find someone to properly cut it...and like you said they move on to bigger and better things leaving me searching again. Frustrating as I'm self concience of my hair & then having to find someone to trust again is tough.

    I have to say I started laughing in a bit of shock that you were chastised for a post topic of your choice on YOUR blog! I'm sure from now on you will gain the approval of the prior OP concerning your posts topic and write up ***Snort, cough baahahahaha!

    1. Katidids,
      I, also, am self-conscious about my hair. Oh, I am about sick when I go to a new person for a haircut, just sick.

      Oh, it is my shallowness and my anger that is horrifying these two women. I can guarantee you they are the same woman--just a gut instinct. I thought they were ludicrous, so I posted Troll!


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