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Friday, September 21, 2012

This and That and the Other

This--proof positive that the black hens are still here

Wednesday, a man and woman friend of the woman behind me who owns the black hens came to my house and tried to catch them. They succeeded in chasing them over the fence. When the couple went back to to yard behind me, there was lots of squawking from chickens and yelling from people. Obviously, three people cannot catch chickens in a fenced yard. So, today, I had unwelcome company once again! (It is Friday, and they were still coming to my yard, laying an egg in my next box, one on Thursday and one today, Friday.)
Her friends suggested I call Animal Control to the chickens. Nope. She can do that. After all, they are uncontrollable in her yard. This depresses me!
By the way, Thelma's egg is taken from the end, so it looks smaller than its gigantic size.
That--tub repair in progress

As usual, I went for most respected worker in town, the plumber who started this on Tuesday. As it turns out, there are three leaks. Lucky me! There are three drain sizes for the drain he took out and for the pipe underneath. Lucky me, I have the least available, hardest to find size. He had to beat the drain out. The pipe underneath was easy, but it had the elbow attached. In other words, a pipe with a bend. He was not thrilled to find that.
The plastic hose is to divert the drip from the faucet to the tank to the commode which also drips. I have to keep the cutoff on the commode off until I want to flush it. Then, I have to reach into the tank to pull up the flapper. Yes, I have replaced flappers, chains, and ripped out my hair. Now, the whole mechanism has to be replaced if I can afford it.
He was supposed to return Wednesday but did not due to not being able to find he part....sigh. Thursday, I was not home and he did not call. Friday, no news or contact even though I called.
How can I afford this? A very generous person put enough in my PayPal account to hopefully cover all this. I will only have the repairs done that the donation will cover.
Oh, the expensive faucet--given to me from an old It is a long story as to why it was free. I will relate that some day! I am very hopeful.
The other--vent hood in place
About three years ago, the vent hood over the stove fell down. At first, it was an eighth of an inch down, then, a fourth of an inch, then and inch. Finally, it just fell down and dangled by the electrical wires, blocking my view, making cleaning the hood or wall impossible since I was afraid I would make it fall all the way off or start a fire.
Charlie lives an hour from me and will not just travel here to help me. That's okay. But, Tuesday night about eight o'clock, he called and said he had a date with a woman about 6 miles from me and would come by if I wanted him to. When? He was not sure. She might turn him away at the door; she might send him packing after a few hours; she might have allowed him spend the night in another room/bed..
UGH! I went to bed in a state of uncertainty. At 4 am or so, he called, asking if I wanted him to come. OF COURSE! When he got here, I had a list:
*carry two heavy boxes in from the car
*drag/roll extremely heavy garbage can to road for pickup
*put up vent hood
*we had a trade to make
*there was a box of items for him that I had been stashing in a box
*something else I forgot because I threw away the list.  
We went to Lowe's for screws.. After much wrangling the dangling vent hood and my holding it up, he got the screws in and the properly placed vent hood makes me feel better. I am ecstatic!

Does something like a dangling vent hood, especially for three years, make you a little down? 
Your turn
How is it going with your chickens, your neighbor's chickens, your plumbing, your vent hood, your life?



  1. I have hot water again, after a week without. Husband has been farting around with the hot water heater, unable to figure out what was wrong with it. Elements and everything tested fine, but it kept blowing the fuse. Finally he switched the connection to the fuse panel. Hot water heater's fine. Fuse panel needs repairs. Ug. At least I can shoer now. :)

    Tell the chicken catchers to return at dusk when the chickens start to roost. Much easier to catch.

  2. Wendy,
    That must have been discouraging with four boys in the house! Is the fuse panel dangerous now? I understand the whole no shower thing and it's no fun.

    I have told them to catch them after they roost, but the chickens roost in the trees, waaaay up high. Of course, if anyone cared, they would put the feed in their cage in the morning and stand by and shut the pen. Nope! They just throw the feed in the yard each morning! Hungry chickens are also easy to catch!

    The chicken catchers also suggested I shoot them. I told them to bring the gun and help themselves.If you have any other thoughts, let me know.

    1. It wasn't too bad for the boys. The Bigs can shower at school, and I boiled water on the stove for the Littles to bathe. I just couldn't convince myself to climb into the tub in two inches of water, lol.

      No doubt. I still think you should pen them up when they come to steal food.

    2. Okay, so the bathing worked out for everyone Yes, that two inches of water is quite inadequate.

      If they are in the pen, they run from me. If I did pen them up when stealing food, my hens would be locked out from their own food. I think I have someone to trap them! Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. How do I handle it? With my tool box. I might not know the right way, but I know there's always a "good enough" way.

    I would have squeezed LIQUID NAILS between the vent hood and ceiling, and shoved it up where it belonged. Not the "RIGHT WAY", but the "GOOD ENOUGH" way, and it would have worked.

    1. I thought I replied to this once. Well, I could have attached it the right way if I did not have torn rotator cuff, and serious back problems. I could not have shoved it up where it belonged in my circumstances. If I could, I would have done it. I guess you have not read of my physical problems.

      "Good enough" works for me!

  4. What adventures you do have, missy! Was I seeing things when you said the call for help came at 4 in the morning? THAT would have depressed me. lol I'm glad the stove vent was repaired though.

    1. Sue,
      My adventures wear on me! My friend told me he would call me when the "date" ended. He slept for an hour after he and the woman talked. She got on the computer and was still there while he slept and when he left. He lay on the sofa, got up at 4 am, and then he called me to see if I wanted him to come still. Well, YES. So, he got here while it was pitch dark and helped me. We are both sort of night owls who can adjust to lack of sleep. He can handle that better than I can anymore. My ideal time for waking up is nOT 4 am, but remember, it has been hanging for three years! I could not afford to pay for this. No one I know is not capable of fixing it. Ummm, yeah.

      The stove looks beautiful with the vent in place.


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