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Friday, September 14, 2012

Update on $25 saved + Giveaway

This is a picture of my haircut, not combed out for the picture.
If I had combed it, you could see the bottom is more even than it looks.
The early morning sun put some strange highlights in it.
Two women examined it up close and said the layering is good.

I made exbf cut my hair. Well, he did not object. He was not dragged out there. My desperate  pleas of "I don't have any money, PLEASE!" persuaded him. I was sitting outside in a chair with a towel, and he was standing cutting.

Before I went out, I made big loopy pin curls all over my head except for the very bottom and the front sides and bangs, securing the curls with roller pins. He trimmed the bottom, hopefully the half inch I told him. Then, I took down one curl at a time and combed it and he took the strand and cut. He tried to get the whole section of hair into the angle of the scissors. I explained that little snippy snippy cuts with the tips of the scissors were okay and did not have to be exactly straight. He did better after that.

Near the end of the ordeal (for him), I told him he could go with me for the next haircut and see how they cut it, exactly how they hold the hair out and cut. He said, "Now, this is okay for now, but I don't want to be doing this anymore."  (getting all stern and balky on me)

"You are saving me $25!"

He was shocked, "What? $25?!!! They charge $25 for this ? (I appreciate their acquiring their skills more than he does.)  I think I was whining. (Seriously, I don't have a life so I can have a good haircut--$20+$5 tip.)

I think he might cut it again. It probably needs to be done every other time by my beautician. There is a high school senior going to the local college to be a beautician. I befriended her when she was having a horrid time in high school and being bullied. She has offered to cut my hair for free at school. I may only go to the beautician every other time and let exbf and the student cut in between cuts.

Yes, I know, my cheaper beautician moved away, so I need to find a cheaper shop with a great beautician. I had been trimming bangs and getting a haircut at her shop. I could sell something and afford the $15 with no tip the last shop owner charged me.

I usually have to sell something or give up buying food I need/want to get a haircut. This time, there was nothing to sell or give up.

At this point, two days later, I need to wash it and put hair color on it. I will be the first on the bandwagon for gene therapy if the solution to graying is every solved. I still have thick enough hair if I use hair color, but it is a thin shadow of its former self because of thinning with age. Of course, not taking my thyroid meds for two years might be a reason. I have hypothyroidism and only half my thyroid. I think hypothyroidism causes hair loss. It costs money to grow older! It's a pain but beats the alternative. Yes, I know not taking the levothyroxin will make me lose hair.

I digress. I saved $25 by allowing a non-professional to cut my hair. It needed an inch off the length all over, even in the layers. But, for caution's sake, I had him cut 1/2 inch. I really wanted to leave something for a professional to work with in case he really botched it.

I was talking to a favorite employee at Walmart and a customer chimed in on hairspray choices. Then, I told them that exbf cut my hair and asked how it looked in the back. Both were amazed, saying it looked really good, especially for a guy to have done it, one who had no idea what he was doing. So, there.-- Success and $25 saved.

He did lots better than I did when I was about seventeen and cut my fourteen-year-old sister's hair--at her insistence, I might add! She brings it up almost 50 years later.

Go here for a paracord giveaway. Are you good at guessing what is in the picture? Try Angela's contest.

Your turn
Have you ever had anyone who had never cut hair, EVER, layer your hair? How did it turn out?  Are any of you non-professionals into butchering hair?


  1. Renoman has cut mine. I wasn't worried at all. It's naturally curly so it always looks messy to me anyway. lol He was way outside his comfort zone, but he cut half an inch off every ringlet as I instructed :-)

  2. Sue,
    I had a female friend cut my hair once. She sort of objected, did it when I assured her she would no make me angry and could not get it too wrong when I only wanted two inches off the length. My hair was all one length and very long.

    Then, this woman got all huffy and said now I had to cut her hair, curly hair, very curly hair. That did not bother me at all. I just cut a piece and clipped it up. She said beauticians took forever and did not do as good a job. Curly seems easy to me, a person who only knows to cut each section of hair only once, never try to even out anything. Just leave the gap because you can only make it worse!

    Yes, exbf was way out of his comfort zone!

    I just had someone take a picture and will post it in an hour or so.

    I wish with all my heart I had gotten coarse, curly hair...well either coarse or curly. Mine is so straight and fine.

    1. Very nice photo. You are right. It looks good. Tell exbf I send my compliments.

      Mine hair is fine and curly. We make a good pair. I often wished for straight! lol ...the grass is always greener...

  3. I will sometimes cut and layer my hair if I don't have time to get it done and I am flying out. Our schedules change daily, sometimes hourly every single day since we are on call. I have been cutting my husbands hair every month for the last 3 years because his schedule is even more insane than mine. Haven't yet found any 24 hour places that fit our schedule. Plus, they always wanted to cut my husbands dark curly hair too short.

    Three years ago, he came home after another bad haircut already tired from a 16 hour work and travel day and begged me to do it next time. He is happy with my cuts and we can do a hair cut at 2am if the mood strikes. Problem solved.

    However, he will never do mine for any reason. I have long curly wavy hair and he said he would rather die first. My hair grows pretty fast. I color my hair every 2 weeks because there is a 1/2 inch tell tale sign if I don't.

    1. Kathy,
      My husband was in the barber chair when I happened to walk downtown with the baby in the stroller. I pushed it half way in and asked the man not to shear his hair to the skin halfway up. I was polite. He was not, "I cut a man's hair like he wants it, no matter what a wife wants." Soooo, I told ex that I would cut his hair. I did so for 12 years and he really liked it.

      I cut my son's hair and two daughters' Hair for years. The son insisted on a shop "style" and I let him. He swore he loved it as he came from the shop. Two weeks later, he said he wanted me to cut it from now

      I have the same problem with the haircolor. We could go to gene therapy together!

    2. The high chair in the back yard was the scene of haircuts for the three children in nice weather.I agree with the freedom of cutting hair on my own freeing.

  4. Hi Linda! That is so encouraging! I am attempting to cut my own hair, a little at a time. I have a niece who like to fool with hair. I may let her cut the back of my hair like that! I hate to pay so much for just a few snips!

    I too have thinning hair! I believe it is because of the thyroid. I haven't been to a doctor to have it checked, and probably won't. I wouldn't take the meds, either! Thanks for sharing! MaMaHen's Blessings from Bama!

  5. Another AL blogger:

  6. Bama Girl,
    She may be able to section it in small squares and pin it up for you. He could never have done that. I tried and he said he did not know how...??? He had never seen it done.

    If you have your hair layered, she just has to take a bit off each little section--2x2 or 1x1 inch, whatever.

    Why would you not go to doctor or take the meds? I just keep forgetting. I was philosophically opposed to them and refused for two years. Then, I realized I should just capitulate on this one!

    Thanks for the addresses.

  7. One of the first things I did when I quit work about 8 years ago was to QUIT coloring my hair. I wear my hair really short so there is no way to hide roots as they grow out.....along with having sort of a shaggy ill-defined hairline that is really hard to color. Not having to do those touch-ups was a great relief!

    I cut my own hair a time or two when I was in junior high. I shouldn't have!

  8. Janet,
    My hair is so limp that I appear hairless when it is gray! It just lies down against my head. The worst part is that my skin just is the wrong color for snow white hair. I would have to wear makeup each day to even look human. Even though my eyebrows are very dark, my skin is very pale because I keep the sun from it because I fear the skin cancer that killed several of my father's brothers.

  9. Do you have any local beautician schools (or whatever they're called now)? They usually offer haircuts on the cheap! Or Great Clips/Fantastic Sams send coupons in the mail for haircuts under $10.

  10. We have one. That's where the high school student goes that would cut my hair. She will cut it at my house or hers. At the college you cannot get just a cut. They make you get product and styling. I cannot use product--face breaks out, head itches, and smell suffocates me. I never like the styling and wash my hair as soon as I get home.

    Besides, when I tried the college, my hair was mutilated.I left very unhappy and never went back.

    The nearest mall is 50 miles away. I really like going to the place three blocks away. This town is small.

    The last time I got a bad haircut, I cried.

    Of course, everything is so close here that I can actually afford to get the haircut for $25 better than if I lived in a large city and had to drive so far to everything and found a cheap haircut.


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