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Wednesday, September 12, 2012



I was invited to a luau at a church. It was a beautiful event. The food was delicious! The silent auction was fun. There were other prizes that just required dropping in a ticket into a cup. When the ticket master picked a ticket from the cup, the holder of the ticket won the item by the cup. There must have been 100 prizes. I donated a prize even though I don't go to that church..

There are two slices of bread that I did not eat, four slices of turkey, four slices of tomato,  cubes of cheese, two huge lettuce leaves, two kinds of chicken salad, macaroni and cheese, two different chicken salads, ham salad, five slices of squash. I cleaned my plate except for the bread. 

The big glob at the top of the plate was banana pudding. Under it are lots of fresh fruit, more than you can see--green, red, purple grapes; watermelon; strawberries; pineapple (lots of it); and a dressing for the fruit that was too sweet. I ate all but the fruit dressing.

decorated straws

I know flamingos are not Hawaiian birds, but they were pretty. They rest in unsweetened tea, and I had some water. Unfortunately, I ate all this except for the two slices of bread. However, the mixed salads were such small amounts of each that I still had a healthful meal.
You just know that I brought home scraps for my hens. They love sliced turkey. The salty taste really appealed to them. I ate my turkey, but two plates that people gave me had slices of the turkey. The only "scraps" on my plate was the two slices of whole wheat bread and most of the fruit dressing.
In the drawing, I won tickets to the Peinhardt Living History Day. Since I only was given three free tickets, I thought winning one item was good odds.
This was a great, free diversion. I did not buy extra tickets because I did not have money! It was loads of fun. Some of the women had on grass skirts. Most people wore colorful clothes. AND, everyone 50 and older got to get their meal first. WIN! Those 20-50 had first dibs on the dessert table. I did not visit the dessert table, just the fruit table.
The last luau I went to, I was lucky to find very small bananas. I took two dozen of those and children were so eager to get them. This church always had too many processed foods to entice the children. I sort of proved kids like fruit.
Your turn
Do you love a luau? Even inside  a building? What food do you take to a luau? 



  1. I've only been to one luau, a real one in Hawaii. The food was nowhere near as good as what's in your picture. It was authentic Hawaiian food, lots of carbs and sweet stuff. And taro. Pass on the taro. My favorite thing at the luau were the handsome young men in short skirts who danced and threw sticks with fire. I was there with a group of teenage girls and that was their favorite thing, too.

  2. That sounds like fun. I've never been to a luau.

  3. Jsn,
    I was picky about what I served myself. I did skip the sweets and carbs which were not authentic Hawaiian food. I did not know men in short skirts danced at luaus! That would have been my favorite part, too.

    Did you know that taro is the root of what we call Elephant Ears, the decorative yard plant?

    Around here, a luau is just all color and tropical fruit around a pineapple. All the fruit at this one was in huge heaps around the cntral, uncut pineapple . Then, people just have a potluck dinner on the food table. Some people brought pineapple upside down cakes. I am sure it is not at all an authentic luau! But, it was colorful and fun. There were even Rice Krispy bars.


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