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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Candy for Trick or Treat

Candy--free to me

I know it is early but around this time of the year, I start thinking about Halloween candy for Trick or Treaters.  So, I got it free this year. One year, I paid almost $15 for candy, a paltry amount according to some people. But, I cannot afford even that now. I could not afford it even then. One year, I used Maxperks earned by recycling ink and toner cartridges and got candy for Halloween that way. This year, I have no cartridges for this quarter. So, worry worry worry. 
Do you take advantage of Maxperks by recycling cartridges? Several years, I turned in enough cartridges in order to get free Halloween candy.  I turned in no cartridges during June/July/August quarter to have Maxperks credit this quarter. So, no free Halloween candy from Office Max this year.
A friend showed me a full gallon bag of Life Saver-like candy. I am not sure it is the real deal. I am not sure it is ideal for kids. But, what candy is ideal for kids? (It cannot be any worse than Jolly Ranchers.) She asked me if I wanted it. Well, sure! I can always figure out what to do with it. I will not be tempted since it is not something I crave--hey, it is not chocolate!
Since exbf is diabetic, he needs a quick sugar source sometimes. He agreed to take all of them even though I only offered "some" to him. He was going to take them to work to share. So, I took out about a cup to give him to keep in his car. (He does not know this yet.) While I was filling the bag for him, I realized this solved the Halloween candy dilemma. It is all wrapped individually and securely in plastic, so it is going to be put out for costumed Halloween visitors.

Do kids like Life Savers? Won't these taste like Jolly Ranchers? I always got Tootsie Rolls for a treat because I love them, but TRs made the top of the list for candy that kids hate!  Okay, so parents can eat what kids won't or kids can trade for something they do like.  
Mostly, I only take things I know I can use. Ever so often, I decide to figure out what to do with an item after I take it. That is how I have so much candy. Do you ever take things you feel you can use, not knowing exactly how you will use it?
Your turn
Do you ever take free stuff, finding a way to use it later? Oh, I asked that. Do you have an economical way of getting Halloween candy for the munchkins who come to your door? Or, are you the type who turns all the lights off that night?   


  1. Don't worry; you've done your Halloween duty and they will score enough Hershies elsewhere. The parents should thank you; it's less to deal with.

  2. Joanne,
    Yes, my duty is not to give them snack size The yard decorated and spooky music should do the trick.

  3. First of all, I can't believe that kids don't like tootsie rolls -- my favs that I cannot stop eating! Second, finding inexpensive Hallowe'en candy is my dilemma. Those bags of candy are so expensive now. $3 for 15 little bars. I'm hoping to find a good sale. Not that the kids "need" candy, but my own kids did trick-or-treat at their homes, so I feel it's only fair play. And I do like to see those really young kids in their cute little costumes.

    As for the Lifesavers, I remember getting those as a child, and enjoyed them as well as the rest of the treats. I wouldn't worry about kids not liking them (says the lady who loves the tootsie rolls so despised by children everywhere, apparently).

  4. Lili,
    It could be that the entitled children who expect Fun-sized bars are the ones passing disparaging remarks on about Tootsie Rolls. I love them, too, so I won't be getting any since I eat them all night long as I wait for kids.

    If I had cheap anything other than candy, I would put that out, too, or instead of candy.

    I think Fun-size bars are the expensive ones you are talking about. Sorry, I cannot afford that expense. If I did not have these, I would buy Tootsie Rolls.

    One year, I went with a friend as he carried his two grown children and two grandchildren around on Halloween night. Everytime the little one would leave her candy in the car, I would snitch the Tootsie Rolls and anything else I liked. No one except my friend knew, not even the daughters or g-daughters. Fun time!

  5. I'm not super frugal when it comes to halloween. I always give cans of pop (in my favourite flavour in case there's any left over). And I fill little plastic halloween bags with candies. We only have 10 or 15 little visitors so it doesn't cost a fortune, but it's not frugal either.

    I've been trying to think of non-sugary treats to give out, but then I remember being a kid myself and feeling kind of disappointed at the houses that did that. It's embarrassing to admit that mini-me would think that way :-o

  6. Sue,
    I give Tootsie Rolls because I love them, and if I have any left, I can eat them!

    Don't we know what is better for kids than kids do? A dentist here gives out toothbrushes.I am sure that not one kid wants a toothbrush, so don't feel bad about being a child.

    How about a bowl of roasted in the shell peanuts they can dip into? How about a quarter for each child if you only have that few children. That is still frugal compared to pop. I would give pop or candy, not both. But, that is me.

    If you know all the parents, maybe you could bake cupcakes or cookies. It won't be cheap but you could give them little notebooks or pencils or erasers to go on their pens. You can even take a regular pencil and decorate the top. Google that. You have so few kids that it would not be a burden.

    I am positive that parents are not thrilled at all the sugar and chocolate.

    These people who hand out full size candy bars or Fun Size candy are ruining it for the rest of the frugal folk.

    1. I've thought about just handing out a quarter. And I may do that in the future. I did find a great sale on candy this weekend. It worked out to 10c per treat.

      My husband is disappointed. He wants us to be the popular house that gives out full size candy bars. I just think that is too much sugar in one sitting, for a child. I do think that kids have become spoiled when it comes to trick or treating. They are expecting so much, and frown on some of the offerings.

      I remember getting baggies of popped corn and chips, and homemade cookies, and being thrilled. I was not so happy to get apples and oranges, however. Whatever happened to learning to be gracious, even when given something you don't want/like? I can only imagine some of these children on Christmas morning, when dear auntie gives them socks. I've told my children before their birthday parties that they need to be gracious, even if they don't like what they receive, I say that it's good practice for when they're older and they really don't get everything they want. I'm an old fuddy duddy!

      I know one house that gives out small cans of real juice. I think that is a very good idea. Then the juice can either be a treat, or for a family that is struggling financially, it can go in a lunch, and the child will feel they are getting something special for that day. Hmmm, now I'm rethinking what I did buy. I'll have to remember all this for next year.

  7. Lili,
    That is nice your husband wants to be the popular house. But, at what price, literally, does popularity come. Small cans of real juice sounds like a good alternative to other drinks. Hey, give out little bottles of water! The kid would probably want to drink it right away.

    Fruit and homemade stuff was a good idea until idiots started messing things up by poisoning or putting razor blades in them.

    Being gracious is a lost art amongst children whose parents are equally ungracious. Children need a few old-fashioned lessons. Besides, socks are necessary.

    How about your husband help decorate on the cheap and be wildly popular for the yard or porch? Search for my tombstones I made for Halloween, totally free, by the way. My goal was to do it for free. Even if you spend money, just make sure it can be used another year or 20.


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