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Friday, September 7, 2012

Morgellon and GMO foods

Research seems to show that the strange disease, Morgellons, often treated with psychotropic drugs may have a plausible cause. People afflicted with Morgellons disease are sure there are fibers growing from their skin. Doctors have previously dismissed these people as having mental problems. Then, the fibers, having been studied, are really growing from the bodies of the afflicted people.

"The researchers concluded that the fibers "are clearly biological in nature and are not implanted textile fibers." It may be probable to assume that since these fibers under the microscope which contain floral and root-like structures that the origin may be via a cross contamination of DNA from plants and humans by way of GMOs."

(I have always been convinced there was something happening that was not yet evident to researchers and doctors. However, I never even thought about our food supply.)

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  1. Wendy,
    When I first heard about this years ago, I was really creeped out, hoping it never happened to me! Over the years, my fear never left. The thing that bothered me is that these people were declared mentally ill.


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