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Monday, September 3, 2012

Recycled Jewelry

Tie pin to tie necklace

When I noticed this young clerk's necklace, I complimented her on the tie necklace, asking her if she bought it in the Belk's where she was working. She turned it over to show me it was a tie-shaped pin with a jewlry pin behind the tie knot.. Her aunt makes jewelry from old jewelry and sells the new jewelry. Her aunt did make the necklace and wired it to the tie.
I have disassembled jewelry to make something new.  However, I did not sell it. I worked for a boutique, taking parts customers liked from pieces of new earrings and making earrings the customer wanted.
Your turn
Have you ever recycled jewelry and remade pieces? For sale? Or just to be thrifty? To salvage favorite elements from favorite pieces?


  1. Oh, that one might tell you more about me than you really ought to know. Yes, a long time ago I used to take apart old jewellery to make Bajoran earings. And yes, I sold some too.

  2. I had to look that up. So, you are a Trekkie? I would have never guessed!

  3. I fix my wifes jewelry from time to time. Slippery stuff. The ingenious clasps are pretty cool.

  4. Russell,
    I keep two pair of needle-nose pliers for jewelry repair and have become pretty adept with them. I have some cool clasps, and as you say, put on or remove bracelets by myself. Living alone makes that tricky.


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