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Thursday, September 20, 2012

UPDATE: So Gross and Such a Waste & HELP!!!

This is so expensive and now wasted.

After finding this worm thing, I will not use these cottonballs!

I had opened this bag last week and resealed the ziploc bag closure. I cannot imagine what this many-legged creature is, but this bag is worthless to me. I am afraid this creature will get into my house, or it's comrades are loose somewhere. It just moves around and looks like a centipede. These things poop and I will not use poopy cottonballs. Wasted: 298 cottonballs.
IF I wanted to save these until spring, I would put them out for birds to make nests. But, I really don't want this in my house. Aaaack! I don't know how it got in the previously factory-sealed bag and don't know how it will get out. Eat plastic?
This just feels like a personal attack and feels so personally invasive. Plus, it is making me waste cottonballs I cannot afford to replace. Aaaack! Yes, I am upset. I feel like I have been violated or soon will be. Where else could these be in my bathroom? (rhetorical and my out-of-control reaction)

Update: I took the package of cottonballs back to Walmart. Friend and employees who spoke to me, withdrew and shrieked at the centipede (???).  So, I was not so out of bounds in my reaction--a girl thing? I dumped it on the counter to get a better picture, all over the objection of the customer service woman. I took back 300 cottonballs and got the only size there, 400 cottonballs. These go into the freezer in a two gallon freezer bag.

Here is a closer picture.

 life-size picture
Your turn
HELP! What is this? How would it get into a sealed package? I am going to dinner and will return, hoping for a million responses and sympathy.


  1. Oh dear, poor you ! What a horrid thing to happen. I was just about to go to bed when I read your post but I had to stay up to respond and send you a virtual hug. I cant imagine how it got in there. You should write to the company that made them. Send them the photographs.

  2. Eileen,
    I hate to be such a wimp and so melodramatic, but my friend tonight was just as horrified. She saw the picture on my camera and said it was awful. I had not thought about writing the company. Or, if I can identify the store, I may take them back. Maybe you and I will not have nightmares of worms crawling into our ears.

  3. I can't see it clearly enough to see what it is but if it was only a millipede then I would still use them. Well I wouldn't because I don't use cottonballs but if I did I would.

    I would probably use them even if it was a caterpillar of some kind but maybe not if it was a maggot even though it would be clean in there. Was it alive? If dead then I'd use it anyway. lol If I used that sort of stuff.


  4. There are many types of worms and insects, but when you see something with that many legs, it could be a centipede and nothing you want in your house.

  5. Barb,
    Thanks for the opinion. We are on opposite sides of the fence on this....ick! I rarely use cotton balls. I don't have makeup to take off or anything. Alive or dead bugs poop or have pooped, as I said, so no way. It was alive. Now, there is a picture posted that you can see clearly.

    lotta joy,
    You can see it more clearly. Not only do I not want it in my house, I very particularly don't want it in something I consider to be sanitary, maybe sterile. Everything poops. It may be a centipede. ???

  6. Well that's gross. I hate bugs.

  7. It looks like a starving centipede. It may have been preying (back in the fields) on other critters that do eat cotten. Or maybe it is something else.

    Cottonballs (along with dryer lint) makes exceptional tinder, and there are a variety of other uses that they can be put to that don't involve wiping them on your face.

    But I think you are being a bit overly panicky.

  8. I use one cotton ball each day on my injection sites. Would I have still used them if I found this in the bag? Probably. Would I do it now after you mentioned the word poop? NO!

    Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  9. Wendy,
    For such a tough butcher woman, that makes me feel so much better.

    I thought about making tinder with Vaseline, but I just did not want bugs in my house or belongings.

    Oh, the dozen other women who saw the little guy were equally freaked out. If it were on the floor or on a piece of laundry, I would have immediately gotten it out of my sight and thought no more. But, in cottonballs? It was just too gross in something I consider pure, clean, pristine, good.

    Poop and other possible eggs came to mind while I was deliberating what to do with my problem bag.

  10. Russell,
    This creature did not look starved since it was still crawling around.


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