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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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Wo plans to be in a riot? Get hit by tear gas? I am a big chicken, so I will stay home. It might be handy to know how to defeat tear gas in a riot. I really am not the type to get into a riot situation. But, I have never known there was anything a person could do.

Sorry, I am not about to ride suspended by a strap , running along and call it riding a bike. Really, who wants this wedgie strap? Guys, would you like your junk held like this?  It would take an athlete to ride this bike.

This post was accidentlally posted last Saturday when it was half done. However, it is my post for Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012.


  1. I think the Fliz would be handy for apartment dwellers/office workers, with the handle bars up over the shoulders. It would make carrying the bike through a building easier. Don't think I'd like the strap either, but it seems similar in design to what rock climbers wear.

  2. Wendy,
    I think I would pass, anyway. It does look easier to carry. I had not thought of that. Did you notice he had no helmet on his head?

  3. It would be easier to just walk or run...or am I missing something. I'd like to see him go uphill, it wouldn't be so easy then. And he can't adjust his sitting angle, that would make my back hurt. It's like a balance bike with straps instead of seat, And he looked like he was going all over the place. And he nearly ran over that little kid! And, and, and...Not for me, I'll stick to my deadly treadly.

    I too will stay home during any riot. If one happens near me I'll read about in on the net.


    1. Barb,
      I am agree completely! And, what do you do when you want to stop? Put your feet down like Fred Flintstone? That could hurt. LOL...deadly treadly.

      I have been involved in one protest. I went to the side I completely disagreed with, the side that had killed someone. I fed my side information. I still have ptsd from that. I thought I was going to die, seriously. So, no riot, just enough excitement of the wrong kind to last me for the last 20 years!


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