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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Links

This is a short but sweet list. Enjoy

Using a watch to determine North and South I am still confused.

Another about food safety:

Why I am afraid of my never-used, four-year-old mandoline.

This bird knows how to use bread as bait to catch a fish instead of just eating the bread. 


  1. Good luck trying to use a watch for a compass here in the Pacific Northwest.
    You could stay lost until August around here......

    1. Busted,
      Since I don't own a compass or a watch at all, I guess I would be doubly out of luck. LOL, so maybe I will not try to memorize this bit of information. No sun for that long? Wow. Unlike the picture I just posted of the double rainbow, it is sunny in the South.

      Maybe I will just buy a compass.


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