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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wasted Food and the Weather

Yes, I was ill. The last two days I felt like slicing and dicing to dehydrate. But, before that when I was so ill, I wondered if preparing food to heat for that long and might have germs on it was such a good idea. Storing germs is not my idea of a prudent practice. My focus the last two days has been on laundry and dishes and getting my strength back, not food conservation.

Bananas and celery and blueberries would have to wait. I wasted 10 lbs of bananas, bought at $0.39/lb. Three pretty heads of celery mostly wilted because of the wait for me. Then, there were four quarts of fresh blueberries that Charlie gave me, all moldy. Really, I would have dumped the blueberries in a pot and cooked them down, but I had nothing clean in which to cook them. sigh....sigh. Two quarts remain for me.

Bananas would have lasted for a week even if they were bruised and going South fast. However, the temperatures at night have been in the 60s. Yes, January in the South was warm this year. The kitchen is the warmest room in the house. This all makes for very warm bananas this last week. Some developed mold, making them unsuitable for the hens. Plus, they are too far gone for me to handle without gagging, even for freezing them.

Just a few smoothies have been made from salvaged bananas and blueberries. I still crave gravy! No, I am not indulging, just feel like gravy would be good for me. What? You mean gravy is not infused with miracle drugs, minerals, and vitamins?

Just the weather for a minute
I love warm weather. I hate cold weather. However, a warm day in the winter fills Southerners with a nagging little dread--will we have a tornado? Yessiree Bob! Last night, we did. It was 68 degrees at 3 am this morning. We had a night of violent weather, tornado warnings, and tornadoes. It all hit south of me, and only one six-foot, one-inch limb fell from my huge trees! I did get the tremendous winds and rain. The hens and I made it!

So, being ill proved to be wasteful to me. It cannot be helped. Cooked food is out in the garbage can. Produce goes to the compost. Hens are eating lots of protein-filled chicken. I am trying to regain control over the kitchen and food.

Aaaack! I forgot about the dozen apples that did not like sitting around in a warm kitchen...mumble...mumble.  It was one whole week, just lost.

Your turn
Does illness along with poor planning ever force you to throw out food?


  1. Yes, it has forced me to waste food . You know, your gravy craving could be the need to replace minerals in your system- or just sodium. Can you buy a sports drink? Just one will do. Or coconut water.
    Back to food waste.. we are getting better at it. Garry never seems to catch anything so he will eat or cook or freeze if he thinks of it and I'm sick. We also try to cook with fewer leftovers these days. No kids at home to send off with home lunches anymore, so if we are away or sick, less gets wasted.

  2. loved ones' illnesses and my laziness are my biggest food wasters! sorry that you were ill, glad you are on the mend, Practical! and I'm with you on the warm weather. btw, the wind was so strong as a storm blew in EARLY this morn and woke me (12:04am), that I thought it WAS a tornado. most excitement I had all day. ;)

  3. LindaM,'
    This is unusual for me--this type illnes and waste. No more sports drinks. I drank those for three days. Gravy to drink was what I craved and still do. I am still dehydrated despite much fluid intake. There is no way I would buy coconut water--allergies.

    See, I want leftovers even though there is just me.

    You are close enough and in the South, so you understand the warm weather problem. Those were terrific winds that came through during the night, and they were very exciting. Hopefully, we will have no more wind. My oaks must have quarter-mile tap roots.

  4. I go through phases where I just can't throw anything out..including food. My biggest issue is salad greens in the winter. During the growing season I can just pick them fresh from my mom's yard, but in the winter, I feel compelled to buy them but often 1/2 or more goes bad before they are used.


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