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Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream Lover

rerun of Fancy standing on the back of one of my swings

When exbf was here this last Tuesday, he said that one of the girls came and squatted and he petted her. I reminded him that hens present themselves to the food provider and protector in exchange for the food and protection. She was presenting herself to someone who would give her Big Chicken Love. He laughed.

Actually, if you shake the hen by roughly pushing down and back and forth, she thinks you did the deed and shakes herself, ruffling her feathers. He laughed again.

Sunday, I called and awoke him from a nap. He said that he dreamed about the girls last night. He either refers to them by name or collectively as "the girls."

In his dream he was sitting down and each of the girls came one at a time and squatted before him. He roughly patted each of them. Then, each hen relaxed, sort of settled down, sat a bit, and walked away, leaving an egg for him. In his dream, he was so amazed that each had come to him and laid an egg. He was amazed at his own dream.

I laughed lots. It was a funny dream.

Keywords that found my blog today:"pratical pasimony" [sic] and "save the twinkie." Now, tell me, when have I ever used Twinkie in this blog? hmmmm?

Your turn
Do you ever dream of your chickens? Dog? Cat? Llama?


  1. I've had horrible nightmares about both my puppy and my llama. I don't tend to have peaceful type dreams lately. I loved your exbf's though. It was hysterical.
    I have given you an award so head on over and accept it on the red carpet:)

  2. I can't remember ever having a dream about animals. Sounds funny, doesn't it?
    But the dreams your described here are hilarious!
    "Save the twinkie"? Seriously?

  3. LindaM,
    My dreams about my hens are usually that a raccoon has eaten them, So, his were refreshing, besides being funny.

    I have not ever dreamed about an animal myself, except for the hens occasionally. Yes, "twinkie." Seriously!


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