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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small economies--heat and surveys

small card and small surveys

I have been in a financial bind. I don't need to waste energy and my money trying to stay warm. Today, I needed milk and wanted to buy a paper for the coupons. I had no money.  This little card had $6 on it. It bought my milk and the newspaper. While the first of the month won't see my finances in better shape, I will have temporary relief. Being ill will cost me for a long time.

Tuck it in
The other day, the temperature outdoors was 74F, and I was chilled, necessitating the heater use. After about a week of feeling puny AND cold, I had had enough of wasting money during warm weather. I was wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, pants, socks and shoes. None of this made sense. Finally, I analyzed the problem. My trunk was cold; specifically, above my waist was feeling breezes. Solution: I tucked my t-shirt into my pants. It's not a good look, but it was warm. Plus, I could turn off the heater!

I also figured out I was running a degree of temperature, so there was the reason I felt cold. It had taken a long time for all this to sink in. Yes, I was very ill.  

Survey money
Some people are disdainful of getting $3 for 10 minutes work. That figures out to $18/hour. Yes, I have made more than that, holding down a full time job. That is behind me, so there is not much use in thinking about it. The survey is guaranteed because qualifying questions have been finished. When the money survey arrives, there is no frustration at being disqualified.

Pinecone Research is a good way to keep a few dollars on the card for just such an occasion. Today, I had $6 on the card and bought a gallon of milk and a Sunday paper. It works for me. Luckily, I am not wanting much to eat since this is it. Plus, there are things that appeal to me that are in my house, like Jello.

Even if you think $3 is too small for you to even bother, what do you get paid for surfing the Internet if you don't have anything else to do? I get at least 2 surveys each month, often more. But, at the minimum, I make $72/yr. My intentions are to save it for Christmas, but that rarely happens. Things happen. Maybe this year....

Your turn
Have you ever put on more clothing, tucked in your shirt, put on socks and shoes and saved heating energy and money? Did you even realize that tucking in a t-shirt will keep you warmer? Do you know people who wear shorts in the winter and go barefoot, using the heat source in the house instead of putting on clothing? Do you know people who use Pinecone to make a few dollars here and there?


  1. I regularly look like an over dressed homeless person when the kids are gone to save on heat.

    I've never done pinecone surveys but I do swag bucks surveys and turn the points in for amazon gift cards.

  2. Free,
    Your description made me laugh. Yes, an over-dressed homeless person is a good look to save on heat. I sometimes wear a cap and scarf indoors.

    I've got to do better on swagbucks.

  3. I do tuck in a tshirt but wear an untucked sweater or sweatshirt over it to keep warm. I put on a hat after a shower too. I hate being cold!

    I've not done any surveys in awhile. I might get back into those soon.

  4. That is what I did--tucked in shirt, with sweatshirt over it. No hat after hairwashing, though. The older I get, the more cold bothers me.

    Good. Getting back into surveys will add a bit of money to the kitty.

  5. i think you should go for it if you can make a few bucks from the surveys...extra money IS extra money!!!

    sadly, back in the city, in our beautiful and large open-concept house that was passive-solar heated, we ran around in shorts and no socks all the time in the winter. now being here at the crap-ass little cottage that jambaloney just finished insulating, we wear our socks and slippers and sweaters every day because our heat comes from 30yr old little radiators that cost a fortune!!!

    i hope that you are starting to feel a little better, hon!

    your friend,

  6. At least with passive solar heating it was not costing you to go barefoot. Bundling up like you do in the winter just makes sense economically.With time, hopefully you can get the heat situation and costs lowered.

    So true about extra money.

    Little by little, pill by pill, I am improving. Tonight I ate bacon. I think it was the salt I craved after being dehydrated.

    1. there is nothing in the world that bacon can't cure - eat more of it! bahahahahahah!

    2. Oooh, thanks for reminding me about my last bit of bacon. I am going to have scrambld egg and bacon...good for body and soul.

  7. I am so guilty of wasting heat. I do walk around in the middle of Winter in a tshirt and shorts and complain that it's cold. I really need to change that. Although I'm dealing with 30 degree weather. I would love it to be 74 degrees around here.
    But I will make a change and try to dress warmly. And I'll try that tucking in thing. It will be your fault though if my kids say I look like an idiot!

  8. We layer up all the time rather than turn up the heat, which appalls some of our more pampered friends and relatives, but I'd be a lot more appalled if I had to pay their electric bills!

    Survey sites are great for picking up a little extra pocket money. I've had good luck with MySurvey and Synovate in particular. That PineCone card is a really nifty idea.

  9. Hops,
    I cannot afford a huge electric bill. Even if a person could, why would they? I am going to try those two sites and see what happens. Before, Pinecone mailed $3 checks. This is sooo much better.


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