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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sausage Balls and a Dilemma

yes, they did look red
Although sausage balls are not very frugal, I wanted these at Christmas. The sausage was free; cheese was $2.58. Bisquick was expensive for the box, but not for the bit I used. The sausage had been in the freezer, and I bought the Bisquick last year. It will take me forever to use the Bisquick since I only use it for strawberry shortcakes and sausage balls.

I know that there are recipes to make substitutes for Bisquick. But, I don't know which recipe is best. The commercial Bisquick had hydrogenated fat, so I think I may not be able to make a healthier substitute. It would probably just be cheaper. Okay, that's something.  A coupon makes it even cheaper. I also buy the smaller box.

Since I store this in the refrigerator or freezer, it stays fresh. There is no need to finish the box of Bisquick before it spoils or loses "rise" ability.

My dilemma is whether to make my own mix next time or to just use one box of this every 18 months. I rarely make sausage balls. This is the first time in about three years.

Note to self<----don't buy HOT sausage next time so that allergies won't flare up.

Edit: Ingredients for Bisquick--flour, hydrogenated oil, leavening

Your turn
Do you make sausage balls? With Bisquick? With a mix you make yourself? Will you share the recipe you use and are happy with? I can just pick out a recipe, so I don't need any untried recipe.


  1. I can't help you with this one. I don't think I've ever used Bisquik to my recollection. Is it the same as buying or making self rising flour though? I usually make things from scratch which isn't always convenient but if it had to do with any kind of baking, I liked home made.
    The sausage balls look great. Never heard of them before!

  2. LindaM,
    Like I said, it's a rare occasion that I use this. I, too, bake from scratch most of the time. I edited the post to include the ingredients from the Bisquick. You never heard of sausage balls? I have been making these for over 30 years and they are a favorite party food. O may not make them for three years and make them half a dozen times the next year.

    Plus, I have often just used a biscuit recipe starting from scratch with all purpose flour and altered the biscuit recipe to make shortcake.

    I do have a new recipe that calls for a cake mix...yum.

  3. Is this just a regional recipe? I have had comments from people in the North who have never heard of sausage balls. I dare say that there is not a soul in the South who does not know these as a finger food for any kind of celebration.

  4. i haven't heard of sausage balls before either! but i checked the recipe link and would love to make the potatoe/cheese sausage balls - yummeh! as for whether or not to make your own bisquik - if you were using it daily, like flour to make bread or something, i would say make your own. but if one box lasts that long and you can use a coupon - i think it is money well-spent to just buy the box.

    my .02 cents Canadian! your friend,

  5. kymber,
    I did not see the other recipes. That does look good. I might try that with my potatoes I got from the chicken produce. No, I use regular flour for baking and such. This boxed stuff is strictly for sausage balls that I rarely make anymore and occasionally for the strawberry shortcakes. I won't have to make a decision for another year or so, until this box runs out. So, back to the refrigerator it went. I take the inside package and put it in a freezer bag and stick it back in the box. In the meantime, maybe a recipe will tempt me to not buy the box after this one is gone.


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