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Monday, January 23, 2012

Milk and cereal coupons

3 x$.55=$1.65
$8.35 for above

The store coupon was for 3 boxes of any Special K at $9 and get a gallon of milk free. I used 3 coupons valued at $0.55 each. However, I was charged $8.12. Don't ask because I don't know why.
I love Special K Red Berries, but at $5.49 it's just too expensive.

$9 for three Special K an milk is free.
I used a $1/3 Special K with the store coupon.
$9-$1 coupon=$8 for above

I was absolutely shocked when the same special was repeated the next week. The second week, I had one coupons for $1 off three boxes of Special K. The store ad and coupon was once again--Buy 3 boxes of Special K for $9 and get a gallon of milk free.

Yes, I used the same picture twice because I did the deal exactly the same each week. This was before I was ill.

Your turn
Did you get this deal where you live? Did you get it two weeks in a row? Are there any great deals in the works that I need to watch for? 

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  1. I actually don't know. I haven't used coupons in a long time. We seem to not use the food ones just because they are usually for things we won't touch like hot dogs. We use the toiletries ones and things like that but again, we haven't gotten a newspaper to see if there is anything ongoing.


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