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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My friend wrote a novel

A friend of mine, Fred Arceneaux, wrote a novel, Mirrored. I read his supernatural thriller straight through, one sitting, so you know I found it fascinating. You can buy this from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles for your Kindle, to download to your computer or in paperback.

I was able to read the first few chapters last summer and made a few edits to punctuation. Finally, I was able to read the whole book as published.

Mirrored is an easy read, filled with action on every page.  Even though there are twists and turns set in the modern-day South, based on two-hundred years of family history, you won't get so bogged down in details that you lose the story.

If you like a good story about demon possession and oppression, this book is for you.

Go here to read a short synopsis. I have nothing to gain by sharing this new book with you. 


  1. PracticalP/Linda - i don't know why but i am having a really hard time loading your page??? i see your new posts in my reader but haven't been able to get the page to load. then if i get the page to load it takes forever to try and leave a comment. i am going to show jambaloney and see if he can figure it out.

    i just want you to know that i have seen all of your previous posts even though i am having such a hard time leaving a comment! just want you to know that i am still here, my friend!

    your friend,

  2. I have trouble sometimes loading other posts. If there is anything wrong with my blogger, I cannot fix it.

  3. Hey Ms Practical Linda I've Liebstered you :-)


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