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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions


Last year, I had a goal or two, not resolutions. Well, instead of losing some weight, I gained 10 lbs. I suppose I can attribute all the weight gain to further reduced activity. However, my eating habits had to be the reason I did not even lose a single pound for over a few days.

My outstanding and singular goal this year is to lose weight, so I don't develop diabetes or other conditions, exacerbate injuries with weight, and generally look lots better in my skin and clothing.  Yes, looks counts for me, but not as much as my health.

Generally, I do want to improve my status with:
weight loss
growing more food
getting rid of extraneous things in my house
reducing clutter (different than above goal)
dehydrating/canning more
improving my social life

The last may need explaining--improving my social life. Mark and I played backgammon one night. I need the playing or board or card games. I also need to rid my life of negative people, downers who see "keeping hens" below them. Now, these people have nothing and eat prepared food, spending way too much money on food, money they do not have. They ridicule my education and professionalism and have started being bullies when I am out and in their presence in a church setting--the free dinner. One slimy guy wants to comfort a few of us women.

All the fine Christians make fun of me just because I don't go to church. Way to go, people. These are welfare cases. The other free dinner is filled with my friends from 35 years ago who are retired professionals. We see each other often in passing at the grocery store and cultural events. We have real conversations. Retired doctors, attorneys, school teachers  come to the dinner to eat. Politicians come to politick. lol They all love my hen-keeping. Okay, maybe they are just too polite to ridicule

It appears that being physically and mentally healthy and happy are my main goals in life. Well, that makes all the difference in performance in other goals I have defined on paper or in my head.

I hope this was not a downer post.

Your turn
Do you have resolutions or goals that you can share? Have any of your resolutions involved getting away from negative elements in your life? Is avoidance a goal? Is prioritizing your health through better eating habits on your list? I am looking forward to 60 comments on this post and questions. Will you help me reach my goal of sixty comments?


  1. I just wrote a post and mentioned one of my goals: be more "go with the flow" - I'm tired of letting little things bother me. I also want to adopt a healthier lifestyle (in large part because of my mom's death), but I'll be starting with small goals: quit being so lazy & take my daily vitamins, take more walks, etc. I also want to continue my hobbies to help with stress management (blogging & photography).

    I have other small things I'd like to accomplish, but those are the biggies.

  2. TLC,
    I tried the "go with the flow" idea with people who bugged/bullied me just because they could. I decided I cannot change to please them, not that I tried, and they will never change. Moving on and away from them was the best tactic. However, not letting little things bother you/me is generally a good idea in life. With better stress management, it will be easier not to let little things bother you/me. lol...same for most people! Thanks for the comment, very open.

  3. Yes, I will help you reach your goal of 60. lol. 60 is A LOT!

    I too have *goals*. Get fitter. That's an ongoing one...Get the house looking *nicer* We have a BIG challenge starting soon, we still need to work out the details. I want to use the van more and get away more often. But getting fitter is the main one as that will help in every other goal I set throughout the year.


  4. Happy new year!

    I could take your list and call it my own, with the exceptions of dehydrating (no interest) and improving my social life (happy hermit, lol). I don't do actual 'resolutions', but I was really considering it for the weight loss. Then I thought I'd just be setting myself up for failure. So instead, I've come up with a list of inside chores to accomplish before spring. As much as I love sitting on my arse reading all winter, I really hate the look of my arse when spring arrives...

  5. Wendy,
    Hmmm, I deleted my reply to you. You have people about you. I live alone, so that makes the difference, maybe. Once spring arrives, I suppose you don't have time for lots of inside chores. Yeah, the fat arse is not a good look for me, either.

  6. Linda
    I hope you find card and game partners this year! That sounds like fun!
    I do have goals but no pressure because of the other changes I've been through that will take adjustment time. Enough there for now!

    I think that I'll just chill out for until Valentines Day first before starting anything new. Creativity will be a big one for me.

  7. LindaM,
    Without the changes you have made, none of your goals would be fully possible. So, no pressure is good for you right now. The search for game partners is going to be an active search, not just hoping from now on.

    I will approach Mark about us playing one day when his daughter is at school, or at night when she is spending the night elsewhere. I don't want him taking time away from her.She is 15 but wants him home when she goes to bed. That's okay and only right that he should be her security right now.

    I wish I could chill until Valentine's Day.


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