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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My New Snack

banana, pecan, semi-sweet chocolate chip

Several weeks ago, after I decided to lose weight, I made a few money-saving, thrifty, healthy changes to my snacks. One change was the occasional (maybe once a month) purchase of Fiber One bars. I love them. But, the ingredient list turned me off, especially the high fructose corn syrup. A new reduction in financial circumstances came right after I made this decision.

The pecans are fat and fresh, stored in the freezer by me last fall. I store them in a Ball canning jar with a lid and ring. I dehydrated the bananas this past December. The semi-sweet chips are Hershey.

Lest you think I am just gorging on these, let me assure you that I carefully count these out in a dish or plastic container for travel. The count--12 banana slices, 12 pecan halves, 12 chocolate chips.

The problem with snacks and the reason I liked to buy a bar was that I would overeat with bags of anything. At first, I just dumped this snack in the bowl. Now, I count. And, I only eat this once a day. If I am going to get healthy and still eat a treat, this is the way for me. This little ritual has been going on for about a month now.

Eating method: put a banana chip down, place a pecan on that, and then top with a chocolate chip. It's a great combination. It usually all falls apart, but I do it each time, sort of a game.

Your turn
Do you make a snack that does not contain hfcs? Don't those fat, fresh pecans look yummy? I had someone not from the South declare that pecans should be dried and crispy! Not so. 


  1. that snack looks absolutely delicious! both jambaloney and i make snacks that are similar - we both love nuts - and yes those pecans look amazing! my favourite thing to snack on is home-made croutons with my own special seasoning - i like to snack on savoury things whereas jambaloney has the sweet tooth!

    your friend,

  2. kymber,
    I suppose I like sweet best. Although, I can get caught up in the savory. It's nice when the person I am with prefers another snack to mine. Pecans are my favorite nut. Fresh pecans are the only kind I will eat, the dried shriveled ones in the little bags in the store don't taste right.

  3. I can't have bags of snacks here or they are eaten all at once. My answer is to not buy snacks. Yesterdays snack was an orange, fresh from the tree. First year this tree has fruited and they are nice! A handful of beans and some fruit smoothie the daughter made up but didn't like.


  4. Barb,
    Nor can I have a bag of snacks around. I cannot eat just one or a handful. I see a bottomless bag and go for the bottom. Besides the morning snack, I had a tangerine this aftenoon. Later, I will have apple. I try for 3 snacks because my blood sugar drops. An orange tree in the back yard seems like heaven to me.

    1. Linda
      This is strange, I can only reply to this post of yours but not a general comment. Anyhow-I love nuts and pecans are a favorite. I don't like them dried and shriveled. Lately up here, nuts have been less than frugal-well over 10 dollars a lb.
      My favorite snack has been a half a peanut butter sandwich in the past which I now have to replace with another nut butter and rice cakes or flat bread.
      Lately, I am trying to eat every two hours so snacks are closer to very small meals so have made things like smoothies and salads. No fun!
      I could never eat the bars-they sent me into hypoglycemic attacks.

  5. LindaM,
    Some people find fresh pecans too soft...don't ask me. I don't like them from the store in little packages,dried and shriveled! I never know what causes the hypoglycemia. I might eat eight times in a day, just a bit here and there. A friend said I never ate, I grazed. Fresh, shelled pecan halves are $9/qt here, bought from a person who has the trees, a vendor at the Farmer's Market.

  6. Ooops, take that back. I paid $9.50/qt for the last I bought. I hope the trees here make next year, so the price won't rise again.

  7. *chuckle* gotta love that eating method! :-D

  8. Dmarie,
    Thanks, it's me!I want all three tastes in my mouth at once.


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