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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yard sale finds

Sweet dress!
dresskaylalavenderThis dress was only $2 at a yard sale. I was ready to pay the price asked when I discovered a dirty, black spot on the white sash. Then, I found huge yellow arm pit stains.

I asked the guy if he would take $1. You never can tell if stains will be okay after a wash. Here it is, hanging on the line at dusk after I machine washed it in a load of light, good items of mine. Perfect! K will love this. The tiers are so fluttery and sheer. Plus, she loves lavender.

Toys R Us Totally Me Sewing Machine and Knitting Machine
Then, there was this gem. The little girl got it out once and put it away, showing no interest whatsoever. The grandmother sewed and tried to get the little girl interested. Only the thread is missing, although it is threaded for the first time, threaded from the factory.

Hmmm, the knitter looks interesting, like something I might like. If K, the g-daughter does not want me to send the sewing machine and knitter, I may sell it. I have lots of regular machines, but this one with the chain stitch might be interesting for some items. It is certainly portable, weighing less than a pound.

The sewing machine and knitting machine cost me $5 in the box, along with the yarn for the knitter and a little sewing box. I will sell it for $15. It is $29 on the internet.

Today, I spent $6, will make $15, a $9 profit plus a free dress. I was not out to make anything, but why not? Well, if daughter wants K to have machine and knitter, I will be out the whole $6! Oh well....

Your turn
Did you find anything at yard sales today? How fabulous was it?


  1. Great finds Linda! Congrats.

    Our sale went well and we'll be out there for part of today too but a neighbor brought us two things to sell for her. An old Sears bike (she wanted 50) and a great basket ( five). We took both immediately. The bike is for my daughter but we got a few big offers throughout the day on it.
    Here we were trying to get rid of stuff. LOL!

  2. I hope you are getting rid of stuff and making money! I would have bought an old Sears bike for me. Buying from the neighbors is not the they have good stuff.Let's just say you are upgrading your possessions.I have already listed the sewing and knitting machines to sell.

  3. ooh, I'm a sucker for a yard sale myself. look forward to hearing how you come out on that sew/knitter. what a cool "toy"!!


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