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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Sunflower: cheap thrill

sunflower My sunflower is not even looking at me. I have never seen its face. Somehow, I thought it would face the sun, but, no.  It is a volunteer in the junky, weedy, overgrown part of my yard. I have packs of sunflower seeds from several seasons that I never planted because I never had the perfect spot.

I was overjoyed when my friend showed it to me. Yes, the sight of that sunflower kept me happy for hours. I am almost embarrassed to admit how happy it made me.

Your turn
Has the appearance of a flower or bud brought such joy into your life?


  1. The cheap thrills are the sweetest lift has to offer! Good for you for appropriately enjoying them!

  2. A couple of years ago I had a volunteer sunflower spring up from a seed some bird pooped out as it flew over my front flower/veggie bed.
    It plopped down in the perfect sunny spot and flourished. It gave me alot of pleasure to check in on it as it grew and I was sad to see it die in the Fall.
    Each year I hope a new one will sprout there from the seeds it dropped but so far no luck. ;-)

  3. BLD, Exbf was so happy to see me gasp, laugh, and gush over the sunflower he pointed out. He actually thought I had seen it before and was just commenting. He knows how much I do enjoy the sweet, cheap thrills of nature. I figured you would understand.

  4. Slugmama, It must be that birds or squirrels got all the seeds from the volunteer. Too bad. My friend planted two sunflowers I germinated, and every year since the little knoll by a rock wall has more sunflowers from the ones that reseeded. One year, I had a black tulip appear in my yard, from birds, I presume.


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