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Thursday, June 2, 2011

99 Degrees and Failures and Accomplishments


Remember my celery grown from the bottom of the celery? Well, with all the worry of the tornado, I just watered it too much. Soon, it died.

Remember the celery at its zenith?

Absolutely no potting happened on Wednesday. I accomplished much, but it was indoors:

*sorted and dated cans of food
*made up a box of food to give a new acquaintance who is struggling
*sorted a few books
*packed away blankets
*loaded and washed dishes in dishwasher
*washed iron skillets
*took cans to recycle=$4.68 (78 cents/pound)
*picked up produce for hens
*washed and hung out three gray pair pants (rinse cycle and vinegar only)
*hung another small load of clothes
*folded and put away clothing from the clothes line
*sorted and threw out eggs kept too long (tornado turmoil)
*scrambled eggs for my breakfast
*ate from $ menu at McD with $1 gifted coupons. (Exbf ate too)
*saved 1/4 of amount purchased on necessary items by using coupons at store
*made a frugal salad for dinner for exbf and myself and one for his lunch tomorrow
*got haircut
*returned item to store
*gathered a few items to take to the thrift store

Well, it is no wonder that I am exhausted now, Wednesday night.

Ex bf did lots. Tuesday, I found a guy who mowed my yard with a riding lawnmower and only charged me $10! However, it did still look ragged since he could not walk with a regular mower to finish it. I assured him I was satisfied. I had a plan. Ex was coming Wednesday to mow. So, he had time to do a few other things instead:

*used weed eater on the yard and made it look very nice
*fed hens (he likes to do this)
*filled 2.5 gal waterer
*watered plants in my pink 4x4 foot garden/planter
*watered all the stressed plants on the table waiting for me to repot them
*dug up the volunteer Wave Petunia that was outside the rocks (and put it in a pot!)
*carried the cans for recycling to the car for me
*took most of the trash to the road
*got a plastic box from gutter, emptied it and washed it for me
*dumped rotten food into a container to throw away (from tornado, what I lost in refrigerator)
*carried the chicken produce
*put things in compost by fence
*brought egg every time (3) the hens laid one...he likes to do that
*reports who is on the nest now.

He was tired, too. But, he said it was better than mowing. He declared he would never have chickens or a cat or dog.  But, he enjoys telling me of the hens' antics and who is doing what. Chickie Daddy is a good and valued friend. I made sure there was plenty of water taken out to him, and a snack in the afternoon. Then, he had a long drive--1.25 hours home.

Here I am on Thursday and nothing done about potting. The plants will all get watered.

High today--104 degrees

Your turn
Do you ever have a very busy day and think you have piddled until you sit down and recount the tasks, large and small, seasonal or everyday, and decide you just did accomplish something? How are your plants? Any failures on the road to food freedom?


  1. I never throw eggs out, I hard boil them, mash them up, and give them back to the chickens. They love them.

  2. Jan, the tornado hit on April 27. These eggs were from the middle of March. The first one I cracked for the hens was greenish black, solid and putrid. I barely got it out of the house before vomiting. So, it was throw-away time. Yes, I always scramble up a few for them during the week. And, the love the baked and crushed shells, too. I guess these were thr first ever eggs that I threw out.

  3. Of the two celeries I tried, one died while I was away. Not enough water...the kids forgot, but the onions are already to eat. Less tban two weeks I think. We were very busy at the farm, no lists but the proof was in tne p,anting and weeding. And we still are not done!

  4. Wow, and I thought 90 degrees here today was warm!

    Sounds like you had a very productive day. I used to be that busy, and only up until recently, do I find that I finally have some free time for me. Now I just need to find some constructive hobbies to fill that void.

  5. adoseoftlc, Today, the fibromyalgia told me I overdid it yesterdy. Plus, it wass just too hot to think about the potting today.

  6. LindaM, I have another celery ready to go. I had the vinegar jug sitting in a pie plate. I noticed the celery was fading and then saw the 1/2 of water in the pie plate. It was too late to save it. I will try again! Great for your onions!

  7. By the way Linda, thank you for reading my blog. I'm a blogging maniac, two in one night haha! :)

  8. adoseoftlc,

    LOL...Sometimes I write four in one night. I save them for nights when I have nothing, absolutely nothing in my head. Other time, I post one in morning and one at night.

  9. adoseoftlc, What I meant was I get things in my head to say right now and write more than one blog post. So, I just write them and use them on a night I feel drained of ideas or energy. It sounded like I was trying to top you. No way. It was that I just understood. Two posts in one night, all edited is good! Usually, I just let early-written blog posts rest for a bit. If you feel like two a night, I love to read!


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