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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In your pet's food: roadkill, flea collars, poison

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There are days when I see eyes start to roll as I explain why I don't feed chicken feed to my hens. NOW, after reading the article in the link further down on the page, if had a dog or cat, it would never touch commercial food. An article caught my eye and I must share it a bit later. Read it to find out what really goes into your pet's food that is in a can or dry.

It would be soooo much easier to buy feed for my three hens. Really, it is not too much trouble, but it is more trouble than buying a bag of feed. It is so much healthier to give them fresh food and people food, like scrambled eggs. It is much cheaper and more natural to feed an animal like I do.

I don't worry about hens eating eggs or a bit of my chicken I prepare for myself. They get meat along with bones to pick clean and gristle and fat. Chickens don't have a moral center, so I don't worry about making them into cannibals. They will kill and eat each other and kill chicks and eat them. They even kill mice when they can get their beaks on one.

However, your cat may be eating dead cats, cats that died of disease, cats that lay on the roadside and rotten, cats that were euthanized and still have the poison in them. If an animal is poisoned by the neighbor, that cat may  be in your cat's food. I truly believe that clean, freshly killed cat in your cat's food will hurt not  your cat. But, if it bothers you, your sensibilities, maybe you need to reconsider what you feed your cat. The same goes for dogs or any other pet or farm animal.

Okay, I am talking hens and cats, but this horrifying article about animal feed talks about all sorts of food fed to animals, large and small, pets and domesticated animals we eat, show cats to hound dogs that only run coon.

(There is a mad chicken disease just like the mad cow disease, so my hens eat nothing but cooked chicken or cooked any other kind of meat.)

If your animal suffers ill health from its food, how cruel and not parsimonious is that? Don't let your animal suffer because you are too lazy to prepare food that is fresh, chemical and poison and medication free. Sure, you can buy cheap dog food and then be prepared to have an animal become ill and die or become ill and cost a fortune in medical bills to get you pet sort of back to optimal health.

Your turn
Do you suspect your animal may have gotten ill from pet food? Does anyone feed their animal food cooked at home for the pet instead of commercial pet food? How horrified are you?


  1. Amen to that. I just found out that aresenic happens to have been an ingredient in chicken feed for at least two decades. Finally, FDA sort of says that maybe the arsenic does stay in tne chicken after all.....
    My cat is long gone but we fed commercial food along with home made food. She lived a long healthy life, yet I'd not feed another animal anything without serious thought to what is on the commercial feed. We are adopting a puppy soon....have her picked out already. I am thinking about tbe raw foods diet but its a science.

  2. I really wish I could afford a cat and dog, but with the cost of vaccines, I have not taken the plunge. Plus, I would need the rest of my yard fenced. (Only about 50 feet of fence) Then, there would be the issue of cooking food. There would be no commercial food ever for any animals I might have in the future.

    Can you give us the place you found that information, maybe in your blog, maybe a post about it?

  3. Hi,
    This is pretty shocking. We feed our cat dry biscuits but I've never thought about what is in them. I will find out. I think its great to make your pets food. My cat is so fussy I cant imagine she would eat anything other than the bicuits. (She wont eat fresh or cooked chicken or fish!) But i would like to try.
    I love chickens too. We had lots of birds as pets growing up and they are such beautiful animals all with their own personalities. I like they way you love your hens and treat them specially.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  4. Sarndra, you might be surprised what your cat will eat if Some days my hens turn up their noses at food they love, waiting for a better offer, I suppose, only to start eating it the minute I turn my back and they see that is it. The dry biscuits have all the harmful things that the wet food has. Come by anytime. I love comments.

  5. Do you mean the information about the arsenic or the raw foods diet? Raw foods diet is called B.A.R.F. ( kind of thoughless there). The arsenic article is in a free magazine I got from a healthfood store....but here is one online source that could be helpful:

  6. I meant arsenic. I will read that. Yeah, I knew about the raw foods diet. But, thanks for sending the acronym.

  7. There is a kennel called Run amok mini australian shepherds and they have a slightly different take on the raw foods diet and it seems to make more senseto me. Where is your info about mad chicken disease? Mad cow is caused by a bovine nerve protien that when ingested by the vegetarian cow caused nerve problems and death, it is not effected by cooking because it is a protien not bacteria. Chickens are omnivores and therefore can digest meat uncooked and unadulterated by heat. Even chicken meat. I would love to know more about this disease you speak of because if I am wrong than I want to know to better care for my hens.

  8. I looked and could not find the information I talked about. Look here:

    Yes, the way I wrote that implied cooking would kill all diseases. Not so.

  9. We do buy commercial food for our dogs and cat, but we pay for a very good brand calles Halo. They have an excellent reputation so we will stick with them.

  10. GV, I have never heard of that brand, but since I never shop for cat or dog food, my lack of awareness means nothing at all. I am glad you have found something good for your animals.

  11. GV, Halo brand looks like an excellent pet food brand. I went to their website. They use human grade food!

  12. Linda, yes Halo seems to be doing right by their customers. Of course, they are very expensive. But, we don't have children, and if so would be feeding them high-quality food, so I figure we'll do the same for our pets in place of those non-existent kids. lol


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