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Friday, June 3, 2011

What is this? Give up?

Try again. Wendy can get this one?
I was bathed, dressed, and out of the house for specific chores. I remembered I had lots of produce for the hens when I got to the car and saw two huge bags of cabbage leaves. After I threw my purse and water into the cars, I lugged the bags to the hens and emptied them.

Since Louise was on the nest, I encouraged her to come down and eat. She did. Left behind was an egg. Doing what I always do to avoid climbing the stairs into the house, I put the egg into my pocket. I usually just give it away to someone while I am out.

As I sat in a dead electric cart in the store, I felt something wet. No, I did not spill my water on myself. Oh, NO! I broke the egg somehow. I had to wait for the clerk to bring me a live cart, got on it, found the motor oil and paid and left.

Really, I wanted to finish my chores before returning home. But, my pants were wet, not in a disgusting, ambivalent way: Did she pee or spill something in her lap? No, they were wet in a confusing way: How did she pee in her pocket? I cannot even think about it.

The egg was oozing worse now. Getting off the cart and getting into the car must have broken the yolk, too. This is not fun. I could feel the wet to my knees. Taking my pants off, I could feel wet at my ankle before I lowered my pants.

The picture is of my pocket with me trying to bend and twist enough to take the picture of the whole wet place, including the back of the pants which I did not get in the frame. See the egg yolk? I twisted my pants and me all that I could just for your sake. Niiiice!

Yikes, I just found out the yolk was on my panties, too. The shirt also came off since it is long enough to have egg on it, and maybe it felt wet. Either the shirt is wet or my imagination has taken over.

Your turn
How many of you have broken an egg in your pocket? Give us the details! Wendy at Little House in the Big Wood, please share your store again.  


  1. I'm not laughing at you...I'm laughing with you.
    So funny. But what a waste of a good egg. lol.


  2. It is certainly lots funnier in the light of a new day and with the fact that the egg all came out of the pants. I just checked the washing machine.


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