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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clothes Drying Rack

This handy drying rack is from Country Living. It is a custom-made piece, but we could probably adapt something we in Blogland already have for the same purpose, just not so cute. Then again, those with handy husbands might get something just this professional and cute.

In my yard is a rack of some sort that I use in the yard for drying. I only have one short clothesline. I have no idea what it originally was. Recently, the sight of it has annoyed me. It's too good and handy to move to the curb. That's where I found  Maybe I can do something with it inside.
The rack in the yard is about 6' tall and very, very light. It is in the way now, because the guy who mows my yard for $10 just tosses it aside and never puts it back. NO COMPLAINTS!

Ex bf would move it or give me a chance to do so. I usually put chairs and other items on walkways, in the swing or on a table to help him. This guy does not call, just shows up. So, for a deal on mowing, I am certainly not complaining to him!

I think if I take the front of the rack off, I can attach the bottom to the back part of the house so that it will never have to be moved. It will barely show. This is still not a project I can complete on my own, but at least it will be easy to do. If you notice the front part is the best piece for the rack. It is already bent just right.  Hooking the front to the wall will give me a piece that is attached to the wall and then permanently leans outward.

As it stands, it always blows over in a stiff breeze, especially if there are clothes on it! See the bare spot in my lawn? That is one of the many bare spots left after the daffodils die and are mowed down. Unsightly spots are the price I willingly pay to have large swaths of daffodils in the spring. Besides, moving the bulbs to a bed would just make too much sense.

It suddenly occurred to me that this project could be completed using a broken wooden drying rack, the kind that sits on the floor. I see those all the time...light bulbs going off all over my brain

Your turn
Does anyone have a similar swing-out or drop-down rack like Country Living shows? Does my project to obtain more hanging space outdoors look feasible?


  1. Hi Linda - definitely keep going with those "against the house' attachment thoughts, am sure you won't regret it. I use a rack similar (but much smaller) on my verandah and it's so handy to finish drying things off when it's rainy.
    The size you have would be a great addition to your short clothesline :D)

  2. I don't have a similar drying rack but I am having my husband build me something that we can suspend from the ceiling. I want to place these over windows...maybe with a pully system since I'm so short:) It won't be as sweet as the photo but I can live with that.
    Did you think about perhaps using long strips of velcro to secure your nice rack to the house? You could maybe screw one end of each strip to the house and the job is pretyy much finished.

  3. love it when you have lightbulb moments, Practical! (maybe my comment will go through this time)

  4. @Susan, Since the bottom of the house is rock, the attaching bit may not work. I have been out looking this morning.

    @LindaM, google suspended drying racks and you will see these have been used since Victorian times, at least. There are some cool photos, and all use pulleys. I would want pulleys. The wood fire and clothes up high will work to dry things faster.

    @Dmarie, I live on light bulb


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