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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons I love the scary preppers

First of all, I am in no way a prepper. Preppers scare me. Okay, some preppers scare me. Others just puzzle me. However, they have compiled information that is useful, amazing, and makes me think beyond what I believe. Some preppers are piling up their stash for religious reasons; some groups are militant; some groups are preparing for TSHTF type scenarios; some see their stash as a hedge against inflation; others think food might be unavailable during natural crises. Of course, any one group or person may prepare for  several of these reason.

If you feel I have mischaracterized you by including you in a post on preppers, please forgive me.

Most of the prepper sites involve instructions on how to do things to make yourself less dependent on stores or others. This is all well and good because total dependence on the outside world makes one vulnerable and dependent. Very few people will ever be self-sufficient. Yeah, you're gonna need gasoline or something to run that generator. Some preppers are just down-right inspiring.

All the guns and commando stuff seems beyond what we need. BUT, some days, I think they might all be right. The more laws I see enacted that take away rights, the more cautious I become. Or, is that just my age?

If I have characterized you as a prepper, please don't take offense. AND, you don't all scare me. The doomsday scenarios that some people publish do frighten me. Sometimes I need a little fright to make me think.

Take this guy Tactical Prepper. His latest post is on how to make chlorine bleach. Fascinating. Would it save money in the here and now of my life? I don't know, but will check it out. Oh, he also has a post about making cheese. Just look at his site and search. I am definitely going to be trying that one.

I love all his instructions for making things of paracord. I don't even know what paracord is, but it seems strong and useful.

Angela, at Food Storage and Survival preps for religious reasons. She impresses me with every post. She put her newborn down for a nap and goes out and plants the garden. Wow! She can shoot, too.

LindaM at Hello, It's Me has moved her family to a farm. They are planting and planning, planning and completing all sorts of projects to be able to feed the family and live more independently of the outside. She is not a hermit or disgruntle in any way, I don't think, just wants a different life.

MMPaints at Self Sustained Living struggles daily to be more self-sufficient. I admire her! Her animal photos are just the best!

Wendy lives in northern Canada and has the neatest title to her blog, Little House in the Big Wood. She talks about when she lived in the south and cracks me up because she was still in Canada. Her blog is filled with animals, fence building, births and deaths and adoptions of her farm animals.

Barb from Australia writes Barb's Back Yard. I have to google lots to see what chokos and dugites and other items on her acreage are, since we don't have the things she refers to in the US or call them a different name. She fascinates me with the drums she plants in. You gotta see these.


  1. Hi Linda
    Thanks for the kind words. I am no longer disgruntled but was when I first started taking prepping seriously. As I became better prepared, I began to prioritize in such a way that being disgruntled became a waste of energy for me.
    Thanks too for the Tactical Prepper link. I had that site bookmarked then accidentally purged it. Its a great resource!
    I can't find paracord but want to make mergency bracelets!

  2. Ha, Linda. We're getting ready for when the Zombies come. And they are coming....
    I admire what some people are doing. We could proberly survive easily for 5-6 months but know people that could go for years.
    And I know people that would go hungry if the shops shut for a week. I know which one I'd rather be.


  3. Barb, See, trying to scare kidding. Farming/gardening as you do, I imagine you might make it longer than you think. Having the skills beforehand sort of makes it easier to survive anything that comes your way, even zombies. You won't have to learn to swim when you are thrown in the water.

    LindaM, you are welcome. I love Tactical Prepper. I don't read him everyday, I sit and read for an hour or so each week and just what interests me.


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