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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ooops!...I Did It Again

"It may seem like a crush
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I got lost in the game..."

Or something like that.

Today, I did it a little differently, "lost in the game."  . . . I came in from chicken and garden duty, exhausted and hot, piddled around (Brits, not what you think). I had gotten an egg and put it in my left pocket as always. But, for some reason my cell was there instead of my keys. The keys were in the right pocket where the cell goes. Unaware of all the confusion in my pockets, I came in and sat down in my chair. That is when I heard the crackity-crush noise in my pocket. As I sat down in my chair, I knew immediately it was an egg, breaking, being crushed against the side of the upholstered chair and my upholstered thigh and the cell phone!
As I tried to get to the kitchen sink, pulling my pants down as I went, trying to hurry and walking as if on egg shells (pun intended), I could not do both. I don't know why I thought tippy-toe would help anything. I finally got the pants off and held them over the sink. Ugggh, how disgusting. I had to turn my pocket inside out with one hand, pushing the egg as I used a paper towel with the other to drag it out. Imagine my surprise when I dragged out the cell phone covered in slimy egg white.
Oh, yuck. I wiped the cell phone clean in a hurry and ripped the back off. The egg goo, the white did not go inside the battery compartment. SAVE! In 20 months of getting eggs and putting them in my pockets, I have only broken an egg twice. What is it, twice in the last month?

Does anyone know how hard it is to clean egg white from a cell phone?

Wendy related her story here of three crushed eggs in her hoodie front pocket. She understands.

Your turn
Who else has crushed eggs in the pocket? Or, just in the wrong place and on your person? Oh, Wendy, you can relate your story again since I am too lazy and hot hot hot to look for it. I think putting my hands in raw eggs is just about the most disgusting thing ever.


  1. okay, this makes this morning's big popcorn kernel spill seem a little less annoying! ;)

  2. I would have welcomed a popcorn spill!

  3. LOL. Sorry but this is funny...cause I can relate. I've smashed eggs pretty much everywhere over the years. The most memorable was when I decided that I could handle 4 eggs in one hand, no need to get a basket.

    So, I had 4 eggs in my left hand and one started to slip. I dropped what I was holding in my right hand to try to save the egg. Except what I was holding was the heavy lid to the nest boxes. When I let go of the lid it smashed down on both hands crushing three eggs in my left hand and one egg in my right hand.

    Brilliant, right?

  4. Lorie, you made me laugh so hard. NOW, I feel much better. Yes, it is about as brilliant as putting an egg in my pocket. What is more brilliant than one egg in my pocket is when I put two in the same pocket. Never broke two at one time.

    I can envision your panic and and the split second smasing of the eggs!

    Thank you for amusing us all with this story.


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