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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evil-eye Louise

See how mean she looks up at me. I had a piece of whole wheat bread to break up for them and one for me to eat. They ate theirs. THEN, she jumped up to my chest and just snatched part of my piece of bread with her beak. So, I lost my appetite. I did eat the higher part where she could not have gotten and gave the rest to them. They are clever some days.

Can you see her determination better here? I cropped the picture. She wants my bread.
Louise is determined

Here they are, all three of them, wanting my bread. They came at me like a Roman phalanx! Sort of.
Louise, Fancy, Thelma

Thelma and Louise look at each other as they plan their strategy.

Your turn
Do your hens ever gang up on you?


  1. Might be time to have fried chicken...if I had chickens and they were acting as brash as to steal my bread? "Oh my", this chicken dishes of the evening would be sooo tasty....


  2. I can't say that I've had this problem LOL, but I have had the evil geese at the cemetery chase me to my car more than once!

  3. My daughters (6 and 11 at the time) were feeding old bread to the ducks at the lake here in town. We saw several male ducks approach us, looking very determined. As if on cue, the three of us threw our bread in the air and away from us as we screamed and started running away. I promise I did not react first and the girls followed. Later, we laughed at how we all did the same thing simultaneously. Next time, take bread to the cemetery and throw it behind you as you run. That ought to stop

  4. tlc, maybe the geese wanted food and were not chasing you, but trying to get food that you obviously had hidden and were not willing to give up without a bit of a chase.

  5. I think animals are often more intelligent then we give them credit for. I have often watched animals and it looks as if they are planning something. Hope you chickens don't gang up on you too often.

  6. Jackson, unfortunately, they do!


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