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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Good Things

fresh from the garden

Jenny, the one who organized my yard cleanup, gave these to me. I gave her more school supplies, but not in repayment.
I do not eat banana peppers, but I will dehydrate these in little rings since I cut them crossways to dehydrate or use--cuter that way. I think that one green pepper is a jalapeno...not sure. Do you know? The cayenne peppers will be used in pepper jelly soon. Or, they will be strung and dried for grinding to make pepper. I do not eat peppers, but will use a bit for taste when baking chicken. These will help with variety.
The tomatoes need no I love free food.
These thread 5" nippers are made by Wiss and are superbly made. They have one function in life--to cut threads. I use these with my machines, especially the commercial machines. I think I got these from a sewing factory. This last two weeks, I have spent time making a sewing kit for my grandson who goes to college in ten days. I put a light blue pair of these in his sewing kit.
You put your thumb in the loop, and hold the spring-loaded nippers. All you do is press your fingers on the upper side. These are actually upside down, but I wanted to capture the "Wiss" brand embossed in the nippers. There is not the time-consuming act of putting fingers in both the scissor loops. Time is money in a sewing factory. Some women never take their thumb from the loop. It is possible to sew with a pair of nippers on your hand if you are only sewing seam after seam.

My favorite roller

One lonely roller
Do you remember these? I love these rollers. You can tell this one is old because the foam is an off color. After thirty years, I had five of these left. Then, I had four. In the last few weeks, something happened to all but two...sigh. I will wear these in the house and yard so that I can have a wild, curly hairdo. Have you ever used these? Do not tell me your mother used them. I am most likely old enough to be your mother or 
The little pink rollers have found me this summer, and I have used them often. When a friend saw me at a dinner with curly hair, his eyes lit up. He was so complimentary that I decided this would be my new look. However, I refused to use product in my fine, thick hair, so the curls just collapse, leaving me with waves and body. I will take that.
I know I can use a curling iron. Somehow, I just don't use the curling iron for curls all over, just when I want the front and bottom to be bent a little. I just wish these had surfaced when I lost power for five days after the tornado. These would work fine for long-term lack of electricity since the curling iron won't work!
Your turn
I am going to fix dinner now. Have you ever used nippers when you sew or even seen them before? Do you ever use the pink foam rollers? What do you use if you need body and curl as desperately as I do. 


  1. I think that's a jalapeno, but I'm not positive. I don't sew so I don't know about nippers. I slept with my head covered in those pink foam curlers every single night when I was in high school. I don't know how I stood it, but I had to do something with my fine thin hair. Now I put my hair in Sam's talented hands. She makes it stand up and perform all sorts of cool tricks. I get a perm two or three times a year. At the moment, my hair is pink and blue. I love being the crazy old lady with pink and blue hair.


    1. Janie,
      I suppose it is a jalapeno.

      Those curlers adorned my head every night in college. They were more comfortable than the metal coiled ones with a wire brush inside. I cannot have permanents in my fine hair unless I quit coloring it. Cindy cuts my hair once each month and I have a haircut that only needs washing to look decent--no styling. However, a little more fluff and curl is my aim. Pink and blue--how interesting.

    2. Those black metal curlers were for masochists only.

    3. I forgot to say that Sam will perm my hair and then a few weeks later she'll color it. Everything must be timed precisely by Sam for it to work. Sam is a genius.

    4. Janie,
      Agreed on the black metal curlers!

      Well, there you go. I could never afford professional hair coloring. You are so important about timing. I would have my hair permed at by the beautician and then have her cut it two weeks later to get rid of the ends. Then, the curl could soften at the inevitably frizzy ends that I got. Of course, I have a better beautician now, so she might be able to work miracles and let me have color and perm, something I cannot afford at all now.

  2. My mom used those curlers on me when I was a kid- 10 or 12 maybe. Man how I hated them. My fine, limp and lifeless hair never held a curl for more than an hour anyway, so I really didn't see the point.

    Granny had nippers and I inherited them with her sewing kit. I never got the hang of using them though, and they're long gone now.

  3. Wendy,
    Ahhhh, So this is the fate of those of us with fine hair. If you use lots of product in your hair, it will hold for another hour. lol I had rather not.

    Too bad grannies nippers are gone. I think if you could not get the hang of them, you might have been using them wrong. oh well

  4. 1. I use thread snips all the time when I sew and also when I crochet. Mine don't have a thumb rest.

    2. I don't use rollers or curling irons because I have naturally curly hair. It is very fine, so fine that the wind is all it takes to break the curl and I end up with frizz! lol

    3. My hair is very dry. That often goes along with curly hair types. I wash with conditioner every day of the week except one. On that day I use shampoo made specifically for my hair type. I use a leave in cream to help keep the curls from breaking and turning into frizz. :-)

    I don't know if any of this is helpful for straight hair types though. Just thought I would answer your questions today. :-D

    1. I have never seen snips without the thumb hole. Factory workers would need the hole for better control. They often wear them while sewing. I will have to look for the ones you have.

      Your hair is beautiful. I often just look at it, wishing I had curls. Gee, I would settle for frizz rather than flat limpness.

      No 3 is interesting information. I have never heard of this method of hair care. My hair is definitely not dry, but this is interesting information. Yes, thanks for the answer. My hair is straight, thick, oily, and very fine. It is getting thinner by the day.

      May I borrow your curls for a day?!

    2. I bet you'd send them right back after the day without regret, Linda. They do what they want, not what anyone would like them to do. I never know from one day to the next what they are going to look like! :-/ Do you relish the unpredictable? lol

    3. I just realized how ungracious that sounded. Thank you for your compliment. :-)

    4. Sue,
      That did not sound ungracious. It is just about what all the lucky, curly-haired people say. So, I want to scalp them and do them a favor. Curly hair is about the only thing that could induce me to sell my soul to the devil. Any type of curly, frizzy, fluffy is okay with me. I just have predictable flat hair. I come from a race of flat-haired women. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a relative with volume that was not induced by mechanical or chemical means, accompanied I am sure by lots of stress.


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