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Monday, August 5, 2013

Redemption and Rosemary

gifts of parsley and rosemary

I am now the best little resume writer on the face of the earth and she will be calling me again. Oh, when she gave me the job to rewrite the resume, she said in writing that she would give me $100 as a bonus if she got the job...assured me in writing.


The young woman, Jenny, who organized the crew has six children age three to eighteen and she is thirty-four. The finances of the family is suffering immensely due to the job market. I told her I could give her school supplies. She said, "NO" she is supposed to be helping me, not me helping her. So, we had a discussion. I delivered 80 pencils and 10 spiral notebooks. I could only carry that many spiral notebooks. I will give her more spiral notebooks when she can come pick them up. I paid one-cent for each pencil and ten cents for the spiral notebooks. I get the penny deals at Office Max and shop sales elsewhere.

While talking, I told her I always buy cheap supplies to share with people who have children, ones that cross my path. She crossed my path and I had the right to offer to help her if I had the ability, unless she accepted help from no one at all. I assured her that this was normal behavior for me. It was all a pleasant conversation. Oh, these are for grandchildren, too. Plus, I used all this when tutoring.

She brightened and said I was planting seeds for what I need. I adamantly disagree with that religious view since it is a self-serving motive for helping. I help to help. I help because I can. If you agree with her, spare me from any attempts to justify it from the Bible. Of course, since I cannot help much, that would mean I am doomed if I had to plant seed elsewhere if I had nothing to trade for a future. ???

We talked plants a bit. She ran to her porch and got the rosemary and parsley plant for me. Now, this is great for me. I turns out her mother had a nursery and took plants from someone else and now has hundreds to spare.

I . AM . SO . THRILLED to get these two plants. Okay, I am easy, so easy to thrill. Try me!

Your turn
That is rosemary on the right. Right? What do you do with rosemary? I want to dehydrate it. I need clues. I have never used it in cooking. Will they live through the winter or are these just a one shot plant? What does the parsley need other than a little conversation and a verse of Puff the Magic Dragon?


  1. Replies
    1. They have been watered well. Now, they come back inside. Tomorrow, they get a trimming and fertilizer and more sun and water from the ac drip.

  2. Bring the rosemary inside when it starts turning cool. What I use rosemary for isn't often, since it's so overpowering. BUT, it tastes SO YUMMY when you soften cream cheese, add salt, rosemary, and Parmesan cheese, stuff it into mushroom caps and bake it for about 25 minutes til the cream cheese looks a wee bit tan. Holy moley.

  3. lotta joy,
    I pulled some of the little leaves ? off. It sort of smells like a pine tree. That recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I love cream cheese.

    All my plants and any new seedlings of lettuce are going to live in plastic storage boxes since my house is too cold for plant life in the winter.

  4. I am not very religious but when people start quoting the bible I usually just let them roll on. It makes them feel better and it doesn't hurt me. Besides, I have a real aversion to tar and feathers! ;-)

  5. Harry,
    You are so right. I know I am wrong, but I have found that when I listen politely that people take that for agreement and soon are pressing me for more and more of my cooperation with their fantasy of converting me to their thinking.

    One day, I will blog about tar and feathering.


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