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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mispriced Ball Half-Gallon Jars

I love saving on purchases. I usually pay 11.47 for six one-half gallon Ball jars. So, I have few. In the store I found boxes of six one-half gallon jars for $6.97. Naturally, I grabbed a box. If I could have afforded more boxes, I would have gotten them. When I came to the register and the jars rang up at $11.47+ tax, I pointed out the sale price. As it turned out, the jars were on the wrong shelf, not on sale.  They gave me the jars at the price on the shelf--$6.97. YAY me!
It is the time of year that canning supplies are on sale. Maybe I can actually find a sale and buy more quarts and pints.
There are still several 4 pound bags of $0.25/lb. sugar  here that need to be stored in something airtight as I await more canning and baking. So, here is the answer.
There is no picture yet, but I decided to buy a pot for $2.99 that appeared to be just right for making jelly. As it turned out, there were half a dozen pots in the wrong spot. So, I scored a $25 stainless steel pot for $3. Granted, it is not an expensive pot, but well worth the price I paid.
And, I found thirteen cents, all in one place.
Your turn
Have you found any canning jars reduced yet this year? Do you often find items on the wrong shelf, decide to purchase because it looks like a great deal and then find it was just marked wrong? Does your store have a policy of selling you the item at the price on the shelf? Mine does?


  1. Not a chance. The tags on the shelf include the code and description of the sale item. It doesn't matter what ends up on that shelf/beside that shelf/in front of that shelf- the sale item is the sale item and you are not going to get a deal. Sometimes I think they try to confuse you on purpose, so people who aren't watching at the cash register buy the wrong thing and pay more.

    A couple of weeks ago a certain brand of toilet paper was on sale. I grabbed a package as I was walking by, on a skid, centre of the aisle. Get to the register- wrong brand. Went back to get the right brand- sold out. But the one I grabbed was fully loaded and spilling onto the sale side of the skid. I've had that happen with a variety of items, but I always watch the register when they ring stuff in, and/or check my receipt.

    1. Wendy,
      They know what they are doing when they fill the shelves or skids with wrong items. Do you have rain checks in Canada? I had only bought two items and knew the total was going to be under $10, so I didn't see the price the rang, just knew something was wrong. I absolutely knew no customer put it in the wrong place, as she suggested.

  2. Awesome deals, Linda! I've found stuff like that and catch it if it doesn't ring up right. If the cashier doesn't give me the price it said it was I ask to see a manager. I can see where sometimes a customer put something down in the wrong place, but NOT when there are shelves of the same item.

    1. MM,
      The cashier, front-end manager, several employees, the store intercom, and walkie talkies were employed, not a manager. But, the next thing I would have asked for would have been a manager. I bought little flashlights priced $1.50. They should have been $4.98. It held up the line at Christmas to get the right price and the cashier to realize there were ten more on the same peg. I commented that I thought I would buy more at that price since it was a good deal.

      "No, you can only buy these. The price will be changed when you get back there. But, this is a mistake, so you cannot have more."

      I drove myself back there through the Christmas crowd and found them still wrongly priced. I got three more and went through the same cashier's line. She was fuming, but I told her they were still on the peg for $1.50.


  3. I'm just now timidly wondering if it's safe for ME to can things. I see us all dying from botulism or food poisoning. BUT, how do you can a half gallon of ANYTHING???

    Teach me please. The army taught me nothing about canning. Luckily I was tall enough to get accepted, but all I learned was how to kill, how to fire artillery, and how to do "search and destroy" of the enemy.

    1. lotta,
      huh? You can only do pickles in these or deviled eggs, I think.

      I think you are a hopeless case, you little ninny!

  4. I've gotten some things that were on the wrong shelf for the sale price in the past, but it hasn't happened to me recently. I don't get out much.


    1. Janie,
      I guess if you don't need to shop, you would not see mistakes like these. I hope you are not sitting around WANTING to get out and cannot for whatever reason!

    2. It's too hot to go out, and I'm perfectly happy at home. I just remembered that when I worked at Macy's in Illinois that the pricing people used to screw up all the time. We always gave the customer the price, no matter how wrong it was. We didn't have to call a manager. We were instructed to make the customer happy. Then we'd call someone from the pricing team to correct the error. I don't know why a cashier should be angry if the price is incorrect. It's not the end of the world if a flashlight sells for a buck fifty.

    3. Thankfully, the heat has never been bad this summer so that I just want to stay in. Macy's had the right idea. You would think I had robbed the store at WM when I buy something marked wrong. It is not like I did the shelving!


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