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Monday, August 19, 2013

"IT" Is Back! WARNING!

tenacious and persistent wisteria!

two weeks ago

Do you see what I am up against? Look at the top of the chain link fence on both pictures. Only a very expensive or backbreaking endeavor will cure this scourge. I never thought I would say "scourge" when talking about beautiful wisteria. It has destroyed one board in the neighbor's fence already. The board fell when the guy used a chain saw on all the wisteria on this side of the fence.
I made a hard decision when he worked here. I will use Roundup in the small squirt, spray bottle to get the leaves. I don't wish to destroy everything in sight with overkill.
Top picture
Notice the stub in the ground? That was my previous clothesline pole, present when I moved here in 1977. It broke about 20 years ago. Left in the ground is a huge hunk of concrete. Above the ground is about 6 inches of rectangular, metal pipe or pole. It is enough to destroy a lawnmower or badly hurt anyone who meets the jagged edges.
I stacked bricks around it as a visible barrier. It is low enough that St. Augustine hides it from easy detection. One guy who was mowing took all the bricks and threw them over the retaining wall, breaking antique bricks worth over $10 apiece. Sooo, I try to just warn everyone.
Bottom picture
Can you see how much grass was killed by wisteria?

Wave petunia won't wave
pink wave petunias that are not thriving
Is it the weather? These flowers should have filled this basket and be hanging over the side. Maybe they think it is fall. Even in the fall, they don't behave this way.

Okay, I am now heading out with the Roundup to do my duty to my fence and destroy this scourge.

Your turn
Are you pulling up the wisteria yet? You still have time to save yourself. It is just society-approved kudzu! Have you ever seen a petunia act like this?

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  1. Is there no one who has a circular saw with a metal-cutting blade to remove that pipe? It might be far gone enough that you could even do without too much work with a hacksaw.

    1. Snowbrush,
      Well, I did not even know that a saw would cut it. I read that digging out around it a bit and then attaching a chain to it would allow a truck jack to pull it out. But, knowing who could and who WOULD do it for me without charging me is the problem. Money is all it

      Believe me, this pipe will never rust out so that it is easily gotten rid of.

      I had the guy who came with the kids cut some limbs for me that were against the house and roof, allowing ants a superhighway into the kitchen. The next time he mows, I will ask him if he knows how to get it out or at least safe.

      Once, I set a pot over it with the pole/pipe into the bottom. The guy who mowed ripped up the pot and plant and flung it aside. I barely stopped him from ruining his mower.

      I still want it safe for humans, not just mowers.

      Thanks for that suggestion.

    2. Oh, removing it completely would be much better, but I'm assuming you would need someone to do the work, and sawing it off would be much quicker and easier. The problem would be that, if it's in concrete, you might not be able to saw it off at, or below, ground level.

    3. Yes, it is in concrete. I cannot budge it or saw it. Removing it by digging or using a chain and truck jack are the only two possibilities. Or, maybe dynamite.

  2. My wave petunias are not doing as well this year as they have in previous years- I am not sure why either. I'm up in Washington, and this has been one of the better summers. I added some fertilizer the other day, so I am hoping they perk up a little..

    1. Michelle,
      Well, now I don't feel so bad. I have never fertilized mine, but maybe I should. Thanks.

  3. I am on vacation from the WOW (War On Wisteria) and can't imagine what I'll find when I get back home. My husband hacked at it a little bit too, but I know it's waging its counter-offensive...

  4. Alex,
    At least you got a vacation from it. I have decided that the little bits that grow through the fence and have been cut off are going to be poked back through the fence after I have put a little dose of Roundup on them. Hopefully, you and he can at least hold it at bay. That is my thought with the poisoning and cutting and poking it out of sight.


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