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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alley Garden Update

Saturday at the Alley Garden

June 1, 2013

another view
Saturday, after seeing the bride  and ground hog, I decided to check on the alley garden. The tomato plants are over six feet tall. It is amazing that this survived.
One day last month, I was taking a picture when one of the owners of the garden came rushing out. He said he thought someone was stealing his tomatoes. I assured him that I was not going to steal his tomatoes. They were only the size of whiffle balls.
I saw them white with Sevin dust one day and if I had been planning on eating his tomatoes, the powder would have dampened my appetite.
Your turn
Do you have a little garden in any unexpected space? Have you seen any gardens belonging to others that are located in an unusual place?


  1. No unusual gardens here. What's Sevin dust? A pesticide?


    1. Janie,
      Sevin is white, powdery pesticide that most farmers swear by. It is scary.

  2. What? Only two comments and one of them is yours?? This cannot go on!

    Put some nude photos up! Or at least promise some!

    1. lotta,
      Have you ever read The Sweet Potato Queens books? They are full of promises never even meant to be fulfilled.

      There is a whole series.

  3. I don't get out and about much so don't see gardens in unusual places. I would think that something like that one would get raided or trashed.


  4. The man who owns the apartment building is one of the builders of the garden, so that might help to save it. Plus, the co-owner of the garden is in the apt on the first floor overlooking the garden. It is in plain sight of the police station, not that thieves might be so smart to think about this fact.


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