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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gift of Food

yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, grapes, okra, squash, peppers

As I promised, I gave Jenny, the young woman who organized the yard cleanup, more spiral notebooks for a total of 24. When I delivered them, she had a bag of vegetables and fruit waiting and asked me to take them and help her eat Yes, I know I am "helping" her to give me something.


Your turn
Have you been the recipient of fresh summer vegetables? What did you get? Are your gardens exploding with freshness?


  1. The produce was a very thoughtful gift and so were the notebooks.

    I am fairly new to gardening and my garden is in its first and second year depending on which part of it you are in. No, it is not exploding with freshness. It is quietly ramping up. I'll be glad when the learning curve is over!

    It makes me worry for those preppers who buy seed for a future garden but don't have one in the present. I've learned that growing seeds isn't always easy. There is a ramp up/learning time. If I'd been depending on my garden to feed us, we'd be starving right now.

    I have hope that the harvest will improve as I learn more and the soil improves each year. :)

  2. Sue,
    I buy those notebooks for the express purpose of giving to my grandchildren, but I always overbuy. I love having a notebook to make notes that are in order--telephone numbers, records of what I buy, where I go. So, I used them too, and just give to others who need them.

    I have had amazing luck with growing things on a small scale. Of course, having two plants is However, if my life depended on it, I am quite sure I would have failures. Starving to death would be my fate if I depended on what I can grow. That is why I suppose it is good to have beans and rice on hand.

  3. That's some nice looking veggies and fruit. I have to go to the farmers market to find anything like that.


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