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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hibiscus Sale Heaven--POST FAIL

first hibiscus flower

I just managed to delete a whole post and do not know what I did!

I expected a pinky-er pink

If you get this by email, will you forward the email to me in hopes that I can restore it.  grrrr

At any rate, I paid $1 for hibiscus trees and bushes at Lowe's.


  1. I'm usually the one who buys them at $13 and see them later that night for $1. But last year, I loaded up an entire cart on wheels with $1 periwinkles. That's a great price for an annual, since I only like to invest in perennials.

  2. lotta,
    I am really bummed I even spent $3 on the one. I, also, only like to invest in perennials. However, I did buy one little six-pack of annuals and was shocked to see them the next year, growing where they had died the year before. Ha! It seems the plant dies but it reseeds. My friend had flowers in front of her shop that she only planted once and came back for years just by reseeding. I never knew that happened with annuals. Now, I have lost that whole post!

  3. At least my comment remained. We must focus on what is important dear friend.

  4. It is amazing the comment remained. Yes.

  5. After reading about your deal on the Hibiscus plants at Lowes,I went to my Lowes to see if they had any marked down. Nope!

    Yours did give you a pretty bloom!

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

    1. lisa,
      You may have to keep going back to catch them when they are on sale. There were lots of different plants marked down, so there may be hope yet for you to get one on sale.

      There are lots of pretty blooms now. I thought they were through blooming for the year, but was happily surprised with blooms all over them now.

      Thanks, I love the blooms.


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