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Sunday, January 20, 2013

And, I Slept Outdoors!

It really does not help the utility bill to run a heater and the oven to stay warm. Plus, I was sleeping in the outdoors, getting no benefit from the heat I must now pay for.

Let me explain.

I was rather cold in the house on Friday night and even more so on Saturday night. The brisk, frigid breeze through my house perplexed me. I bundled up. Friday night I went to bed about 10:20, exhausted from the day. After ten minutes I decided that the cover I had was inadequate even though it had sufficed when the weather was colder, even during the snow. Getting up to get another blanket was torture. I awoke on Saturday morning with my head completely covered by three blankets.

Saturday night, I was freezing. I did not go to bed until 1:30 am. I was tired but not so exhausted. When I went into my bedroom, the curtain about one foot from my head as I would lie in bed was billowing out. No wonder I was freezing! Exbf had left the window open! It is a double sash window. The bottom window is 29" across and 32" high.

Exbf was here to help me on Friday. The weather was fairly mild and very sunny all day after rain and then snow for the last ten days. He had to open the window in my room to access something outdoors that I wanted inside. Opening the window and putting the item inside is infinitely easier than carrying it all the way up the stairs and through the house. So, he did this while I made dinner or whatever.

There is a breeze in the kitchen from two missing panes there, so the cross breeze from the bedroom window was affecting the whole house. Saturday morning, my ear was hurting. I spent all day in pain. It still hurts, but not as much.

Considering it was below freezing both nights, I might as well have been sleeping in the outdoors!

Your turn
The times we leave a window open during a rain and drench the house are memorable. But, have you ever had a window accidentally left open and had a breeze through the house during a freeze? Did you suffer from the cold like I did?


  1. Good that you discovered the open window. Can you put something over the broken panes in the kitchen to stop the draft? if this your home or a rental? I'd put at least a square or 2 of cardboard in there-easy to do and free.

    1. CTMOM,
      I have something over the holes. They did not break. They were sucked out in a tornado. I put cardboard over them, and it blows out, even with Gorilla Duct tape. The thing that works best is just putting layers of clear packing tape. But, the wind and rain destroy that. Plus, about ten more panes are just barely pulled loose and I have cracks all around. This is about 14 feet off the ground. If it weren't, I would go out and replace the panes myself. It all boils down to money. FEMA told me to do it myself. I have asked different churches to help. I have the panes, caulk, and the caulk gun. I just need a guy on a ladder! I own my home.

  2. Habitat for humanity? can you contact social services to get put on a list?

  3. Your comment made me so mad when you mentioned that churches won't help.

    I'm not a mormon, but if you have a mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints)church in your area, they will send help immediately in the form of two willing Missionaries. This I know to be a FACT.

    Other than asking a regular church for help, it's easier to find compassionate people in a bar on Saturday night.

    Sad, but so true.

    1. lotta joy,
      No, not one near. You are oh, so right about that. And, the nearest bar is 50 miles away.

  4. Lotta Joy took the words out of my mouth! LDS missionaries would be happy to help, I'm sure. Glad you found the biggest cold air leak anyway.

    1. Sue,
      That was so large that calling it a "leak" is somehow not quite Yes, I am glad I saw the billowing curtain/sheers. Plus, the shade was up, so anyone could see right in. Now, I have a very sore throat and a bit of a fever.


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