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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Feather in Her Hat, et al

all ready to celebrate NYE

More free food arrived, and in style this time. Thelma laid her -first-in-a-long-time egg on Friday, then another on Saturday, and finally a decorated one on Monday, New Year's Eve.
My internet comes and goes because of something in the wires on poles. It is making me nutso.
I have a project going on in the kitchen--completely clear the kitchen counters.
Plus, I am struggling to get the garbage to the road. Tomorrow is garbage day. Exbf came for months on Wednesday and did this for me. Now, suddenly he is off on Thursday....sigh.
It has been too rainy and now too cold to hang clothes on the line. 


  1. I love when my girls decorate the eggs for me. I could do without the poopy decor,however. Oh well, an egg is an egg. Have a great day!

    1. Thrifty Mom,
      Yes, some decorations are better than others. But, we take eggs as they come. If I go out and put more leaves or pinestraw in the nests that they also sleep in, the eggs will be pristine.

      Thanks. I hope you have a great day, too.

  2. The egg looks pretty! I bet it tastes delicious! I'm pining for new chicks here, trying to be patient until spring.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Wendy,
      I was impressed as soon as I lifted it from the nest. It was delicious, along with the first, poopy. Well, it was her first in six weeks.

      I, too, want new chicks in the spring to keep my unproductive pets company and lay a few eggs.I just hope Louise behaves and does not kill chicks.

  3. Linda, I have also taken on a project. I am cleaning my clothes closets. Last month I realized that even though every hanger I own was in use I felt like I had nothing to wear! Our weather has turned cold so I brought out jackets and sweaters from the spare room closet. I found that my closet was too crowded to hang them. I still have clothing from back when I worked. I really don't know why I hang on to things that I know I will never wear again!

  4. Janet,
    Can you repurpose any of the clothes? I mean you could just wear pieces of clothing for everyday. You could wear a jacket from a suit with jeans. Or, wear pants with a tshirt instead of the other pieces.

    At this point, I don't have enough clothes to have extra. Gaining weight sort of thins out clothing!

    Why do we hang onto things? Beats

  5. I am nearly finished with one closet. I have a pile to give to my friend, I put several things out in the camper to serve as camping clothes and finally a pile to donate. I wish you were closer ....I'd be happy to pass these on to you.

    My sister told me of a friend of hers who packed up things she no longer wanted and took them when she went to Europe. She wore them then left them in rooms or gave them away as her trip progressed. This way she had room in her suitcase for souvenirs! Pretty clever!

    1. Janet,
      That's great. It's is good you saved out some for another purpose. Only if you are fat could I wear them. And, I would gladly take them.

      I have a friend who weighs more than I. My knit clothes I was not wearing went to her. She wore them tighter and shorter, so it worked. Since I made my clothing and had a wholesale place that shipped material, I was not out much at all.

      That sounds like one smart traveler. A whole empty suitcase for souvenirs would be my wish if I went to Europe. Very clever!

  6. Way to go on clearing counters! That is one of my goals... to get and KEEP my counters under control. I've started on the clothing, when I pulled out winter I passed on those I know I will not wear and am sorting through the rest. Next is straightening the closet....if you don't hear from me in a week....send help LOL!

    1. Katidids,
      Keeping them clear will be the next challenge! I need to sort through clothes, but the counter is more evident and in the way. Okay, it took me a week to find this comment you made, so hopefully you have resurfaced.

  7. LOL I prefer the terms voluptuous or curvy instead of fat. I'm pretty much a size 18. Sort of "grandma" shaped! I was 5'10" but the last time I was measured they said I was almost 5'9". I don't feel any shorter but I understand that it is quite normal to loose a little height as you age.

    I remember awhile back you said you had found a good deal on purple shirts. Are you still wearing them? I shop like that. When I find something I like or is a good deal I buy as many as I can afford.

  8. I have passed voluptuous! I think I have lost 1/2 inch.

    I had found purple sweatshirts on sale for $1 and bought eight. Yes, I have on two right now because I am freezing. Thankfully, they are a muted purple. not dark purple or bright.

    I bought eight because I was going to make a skirt and top for my granddaughter out of two of them. When they turned out to be made of poor quality material, all were used by me.

    Some have gotten stained, but they will still be worn in the yard or in the house, just not out in public.

    If I had paid full price for these, I would have taken them back. They shrunk and were full of pills after the first washing. (at least they are thick and warm) The shrinking was not so bad because they only had them in a size that was too large. The length of the sleeves is the worst part of the shrunken sweatshirts.

    When I lose weight, the sleeves will be okay. to lose weight for lots of reasons.


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