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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Substitutions and Flexibility--War Eagle not Roll Tide

"War Eagle" works better for me.
cuticle nippers to the rescue

For several years I have wanted a houndstooth scarf. After searching high and low and only finding scarves that had the huge, red Alabama "A" on them, I finally found the solution.

For most of you houndstooth is just a fashion accessory, a sartorial choice. Here in Alabama, houndstooth is a reminder of Bear Bryant's hat choice when he was the coach of the football team at the University of Alabama. Yes, he loved houndstooth hats so much that now houndstooth everything is available as football gear for The Crimson Tide fan.

Most Alabama (the team) emblems are heat sealed or embroidered. The picture shows a little tag sewn on the  scarf I purchased. I can remove that. I did.

As I sat in the Social Security Office, awaiting my turn, I had a brilliant idea. I used my cuticle nippers like a seam ripper.

Now, I have a houndstooth scarf, bought with money my daughter sent to me for Christmas. She did not send much, but I could afford the scarf with what I had left.

Yes, I had to buy college attire to get what I wanted. No, they cannot license houndstooth, thankfully. Then, I substituted my nippers for proper sewing equipment. The usually deadly boring wait at the Social Security Office was at least fruitful.

Sometimes, you have to be  flexible and patient to get what you want.

Now, I want a bright yellow cardigan to wear sometimes with the scarf. It looks great with the red coat I have, but lemon yellow is what I want now--yellow to go with the black and white. 

Your turn
Have you satisfied a longing, fully and completely, by making a simple substitution or adjustment?
The cuticle nippers have been used for cutting  fingernails, cutting the serpentine belt under the hood, and now for cutting thread. Do your cuticle nippers serve another function? Do you have another item that you find to be very flexible with uses beyond the original purpose?
Yes, I know you have stories!


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