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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

McMuffins' Banned Ingredients, Except in the US

Eating Egg McMuffins could cost you in more ways than one. They are costly but could cost your health and yet more money than the cost of the product. While I have never had an Egg McMuffin, I am sure I have ingested these dangerous ingredients. Read about the problems here.
I will not quit eating wheat. But, I have to figure out exactly which wheat to avoid.

Does this horrify you as much as it does me? Do you eat Egg McMuffins?


  1. I've never had one, mainly because I don't like breakfast of any sort. But at 63, I don't think food is going to kill me now. p.s. Have you gotten your card yet??

  2. lotta joy,
    I did not see this comment. Yes, I got the card. It's beautiful and so cleverly made. Thank you.

    Breakfast food makes me sleepy. Besides, I do not eat scrambled eggs I did not cook myself.

  3. Funny ....I read this post last week and egg McMuffin got stuck in my head. So on Saturday homemade McMuffins is what I offered all the house guests before we left for Tracey's services. I had never had one but it was tasty and easy. In fact I ate another one today. Funny how a food idea creeps into our minds and doesn't leave until it is satisfied!

  4. I have never had an EggMcMuffin. I am pretty selective about my food and the one time I ate at a McDonalds, here in Virginia, I got a completely raw McNugget perfectly fried on the outside. I swallowed before I looked back at it.I got salmonella and I was never reimbursed for my medical expenses. It will be a cold day in hell before McDonald's ever sees me again for anything.

    1. Jane,
      That is scary. The last time I ate at McD had a hair in the burger!


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