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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Double Coupon Shopping

no pictures, thanks to Blogger

Double coupon shopping is not new around this town. However, doubling $1 coupons is unheard of according to all store rules. So, I was extra happy. I pictured a good day with cheaply bought  items.

I did forgo the coupons that were for $1 off  two $5.99 products, items/products that I do not use. Luckily, there were more than usual $1 coupons in the Sunday paper today. Every coupon I used, even the $0.75 ones were in today's paper, I think. I stuck mostly to things I already buy or were almost free.

Blogger has decided I don't get to post pictures tonight, so use your imagination.


Two Progresso French Onion Soup (18.5 oz cans)
It is regularly $2.29
Special this week was 2 for the price of 1.
Two cans=$2.28
used $1 coupon, doubled to $2 off
my cost for both cans $0.28

Two Ronco Spaghetti (7 oz each)
It is regularly $1 each
Special this week was $0.88 each.
Two packages=$1.76
Used $1 coupon, doubled to $2 off
I made +$0.24

Two packages Bic Pens
no store discount, regular price=$1x2=$2.00
Price for two packages=$2
used $0.50/2, doubled to $1
Paid $1 for two packages of pens...hmmm, seems somehow wrong.

Colgate Tooth Paste (6.4 oz)
Regular price $3.69
Store special was $1.84
used coupon for $0.75, doubled to $1.50
I paid $0.34 for toothpaste

Package of two Colgate toothbrushes
Regular price--$2.99
Store special was $1.49
used $0.75 coupon
paid $0 for 2 toothbrushes
I made $0.01

Johnson & Johnson cloth tape
regularly $2.95
used $1 coupon, doubled to $2
paid $0.95 for cloth tape

Before savings $18.21
My savings $15.88
My cost  $2.33

I saved 87%

Did you hear that?

And, I brought home 2 cans of soup, 4 red pens, 14 oz pasta, 2 toothbrushes, tube of toothpaste, and cloth tape. Oh me, oh my.

That may be a personal best. Maybe I should have left those four red pens. ???

Your turn
Do your stores offer double coupons on $1 coupons? None do around here. Do you take advantage of special coupon days, like today at our store?


  1. Awesome grocery order for an awesome price, Linda.

    I haven't been able to upload photos to blogger for 3 days. I did it though by first uploading to picasa albums and then posting them on my blog posts via the upload from picasa button.

    I was surprised to see that blogger already had an account open at picasa albums for me with some photos from previous posts.

    1. Sue,
      Thanks. If only every grocery receipt could be so spectacular.

      That is how long it has been for me, too. You have a picasa acount because that is how you load pictures from your computer to the blog. Of course, there are choices, but if you upload from document to blog, there is no other way that I am aware of.

      I will be glad when blogger gets well.

  2. I love some double coupon shopping! Our local store only doubles up to $0.40, but that still can lead to some whopping savings!

    1. This doubling $1 coupons was the first ever here, but I hope it occurs more often.


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