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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weight loss challenge--I must win and other buk buk stuff

A car wash is on the line, folks. Last night, Mark and I weighed on my scales. I weighed 10 lbs more than I thought. So, can we make this 120 pounds I need to lose?  I would be happy with 100 lbs.

Mark suggested that we start with a smaller goal when I told him I wanted to lose the total amount, but start with a small goal. I wanted 25 pounds as the first goal. He suggested 10 pounds. So, 10 pounds is our first goal. Eating cheaply and well won't be a problem, although I am starting the first day with chicken and dumplings. I will counter that with loads of fiber.

We sat and thought a bit and finally figured what the other had to do for the winner. I asked for a car wash, which he readily agreed to do if I lost 10 pounds first. I cannot do all the bending, twisting and stooping that requires. He wants to hear music on my Victrola, really a Vitanola (knock off brand). But it is close to 100 years old and in excellent condition, so brands don't count much. Of course, I will allow him to hear music even if he loses. I just did not tell him that.

The reason I weighed 10 pounds more is that the last time I weighed a few weeks ago, I was naked and weighed first thing in the morning before I ate. I cannot weigh naked in front of him. Hypoglycemia won't allow me to do without food for very long.

Another yard sale find

Another glass lid that cost 50 cents

The lid is from a huge yard sale in October during Oktoberfest. I think it is from a crock pot/slow cooker because the edge of the lid is flat with no little protrusion/ridge around the part that touches a pot of skillet. Hopefully, it will not slide off an iron skillet. Remember the glass lid with the wooden knob? 

At some point, I will get rid of lids that don't fit well if I amass too many. Since I am going to sell some of the skillets, I may add a lid that fits in order to get more for the skillet or make it more

Chicken musings

"What is this about o holy night? It is frigid and damp."
"Fall on your knees? She is always talking about our not bending our knees. She thinks we can fall on our knees?"
"Tell me again--why is she playing music when we need to sleep?"
"Who's rudolph?"

My new camera
On December 1, I expect it to arrive. Until then, no new pics, no pics of life as it is now.

Your turn
Do you ever use glass lids on your iron skillets? Do you use iron skillets? Have you ever faced weight gain after an injury?


  1. can't use my iron skillet on the type of cooktop we have now, but it still works great in the oven for pineapple cake, biscuits, etc.!

  2. I have iron cookware that I need to start using. I keep forgetting that I have them! My last weight loss came from injured shoulder and then a few weeks later I injured both my feet. Its frustrating but even if I'm in pain, I try to keep moving. I've lost some weight because of normal everyday work on a farm ( and sugar reduction of course).

  3. Dmarie,
    What kind of cooktop do you have? My friend had the glass cooktop and used cast iron pots on that. So, that makes me curious about yours. Pineapple upside down cake? Yum, I cannot imagine cooking it in anything else but cast iron. I have never tried biscuits in cast iron, but now I will.

    Believe me, injurying myself has never led to weight loss! I gain weight or at least, don't lose weight. It is a delicate balancing act with me--between not doing too much until I am shaking with pain and doing enough to not get blood clots in legs and gain weight from normal eating or eating out of frustration.

    And, just now, I made the dumplings for the chicken and broth from last week!

    Sugar! I will indulge in Christmas food and try not to overindulge. I always lost weight from Halloween until after New Year's Day. My ex was so puzzled and frustrated with my pattern of losing. I just basically did not eat any goodies or extras except basic meals at home, leaving off extras here. Plus, I was a dynamo back then, moving all the time.

    I still lift the iron skillets and pots, even with my shoulder hurting most of the time.

    Basic cast iron will add iron to your food/diet. Of course, if it is the enameled cast iron, no iron gets into your food.


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