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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Secret and Rooting Flowers

reward for a secret shopper

Just as I had this ready for a picture, my camera broke. Or something. It turns on and the lens extends along with buzzing, then the camera turns itself off and the lens won't retract. It is a Kodak EasyShare, cheap enough, but not something I can afford to replace. The lithium ion battery is the best part.

A new friend, Mark, lent me his digital camera for a week. I am astounded. So, I just have to take lots of pictures to support my blogging for a few Since I am using my batteries and my sd card, I won't feel guilty about using it to stock up on pictures.

The view is from the top. Yes, I threw a sheet over the commode to get the kind of background that was a must. Shhhh....

I have an Internet friend who takes roses from bouquets and sinks the stems in sand and roots them. So, I have about a week to figure out just what to do with these to root them.

Your turn
Have you ever rooted roses or any flower from a bouquet of bought flowers? How is it done? 


  1. the flowers are gorgeous! i am going to do some internet searches and find out about rooting flowers...i will get back to you and let you know what i find!

    your friend,

  2. Beautiful flowers. I've heard of rooting roses but never tried it. I think you need that rooting hormone from a nursery? If you ever find out, let me know please.

  3. I always use rooting hormone from the garden section in my home improvement store. Works great. I usually use regular potting soil. Keep moist, but not wet. Warm (not hot) sunny window. I have also had several root in the vase without the hormone treatment.

  4. Anon,
    I think it is rather simple from what I have read. Simple and can I do it are two different things. However, I will give it a shot when the roses are spent. You do have to take off the blossoms to root them.

    LindaM and kymber,
    Yes, rooting hormone from any place--nursery, Lowe's, WM, any place that sells plants, seeds, gardening and supplies.

  5. Never knew you could. Interesting indeed. Not that I get flowers. It's so hot here and flowers die so quickly people hardly ever give them.

  6. By the way thanks for the tip on my blog about the size and it cutting out things. I tried to fix it up before heading to Alice. I work on a Mac at home so my view can be different then the PC at work.


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