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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hair Color Stock Up

I have few more on a shelf. These are boxed for convenience.

This hair color and a lipstick each year is all I spend on "cosmetics." The Garnier was on sale as was the Revlon Color Silk--$3.14. With a $1 coupon, the Revlon (now $2.14) was 1/4 the price of the Garnier. I am stocking up only because it was an outrageously low price. This is not the same as stocking up groceries for a catastrophe.

Comfort food in a stash? I had rather have hair color.  You know I am seriously being sarcastic?

My face has paled as I aged, and I seriously avoid the sun on my skin, so going gray would leave me looking like a ghost with black eyebrows and black eyelashes, and I would feel the need for some other purchased cosmetics to normalize my face into something less ghastly/ghostly if my hair were gray. My new hairdresser tells me I am totally gray! I do think gray hair is beautiful on some people. I know all the arguments, health-wise, and socially for going gray and natural.

I am the George Hamilton of hair color, taking the bullet, testing for all my sisters of the world. I could get a spectacular tan because I can get a spectacular tan. That would look great with white hair. But I will leave that to George, because I know I have relatives who succumbed to melanomas because the cancers were treated too late. 

Your turn
Okay, maybe you think this is a foolish way to spend money?    Selling scrap metal from basement projects, tuna type cans, aluminum cans made this possible over a month's time.  Am I deluded in thinking this is saving money?                                        


  1. I think your worth it;) lol!
    Seriously, if it means something to you then I believe that its good to spend money on yourself. You are saving alot on something that makes you happy.
    My thing, since haircolor gives me bronchitis, is skin care products. I like the expensive salon only kind so I splurge now and then.
    If I have to have gray hair then my skin must be glorious!

  2. Exactly! Thanks. Yes, if I went gray, just to walk the streets, I would have to do something for my complexion. I suppose if the ready and cheap supply of hair color disappeared from shelves, I would have worse dilemmas in my life.

  3. Michelle,
    Thanks, I shivered when I saw how cheap it was and all the $1 peelies.

  4. I am not yet 100 percent gray and my natural color is dark so I am getting away with it for now. My complexion is olive and people think that I tan year round. I don't. I protect my skin from the sun. I don't wear makeup at all. If I buy a lip balm, I'll buy it with a light tint just for a bit of color. I guess what I'm saying is that there is nothing at all wrong with the natural look. But if I had the gray hair and bad skin, I'd look awful! The same for grooming eyebrows too.

    Overall, things looking so dismal for many of us-we do deserve to be happy so no guilt on those items that make us feel good please! Especially if they are bought on sale!

  5. My skin is not bad but quite the opposite. My olive skin just went very fair. I don't know why. I tan so easily and so quickly but it is not worth the great tan look I can get. Plus, now the sun on my skin actually causes me pain.

    I got 8 free lip balms from a booth somewhere this summer. There were five in my bag and five in exbf's bag. It has a light tint. I kept them and use them along with a Revlon lip item with no tint. They are Avon and have princesses on the I cannot imagine why he did not want his!

    Oh, I checked and my fall purchase of a new lipstick is not necessary. There is plenty left in the tube. So, no lipstick purchase in the near future.

  6. Everyone has their own special splurge!

  7. tlc, Thanks! I have a few people who just insist I am too pale for dark hair, that I should be a better feminist and let it go gray. That I should be more natural...okay, naked? I tell them I am maintaining what god gave me. Thanks for the supportive words, all of you.

  8. Linda - it looks like you got quite the cache - someone is going to be looking very good when SHTF!!! but all kidding aside, i think that the "comforting" preps are as important as any other prep! if we can feel good about ourselves, right now, knowing that we have paid so little for such luxuries that will last so many years - then we should pat ourselves on the back for making such a good purchase!

    my downfall has always been lip-balm. i have 3 million, four hundred and twenty two thousand and three lipbalm. and then i learned about honey and have not gone back. honestly - if you regularly get chaffed lips - stop using lipbalm and use honey. take one of those little lipbalm jars - scrape it out, wash it, dry it and fill it with honey. put the honey on your lips whenever they feel dry. and they will feel dry less and less. works like a charm. and a natural antibiotic too!

    your friend,

  9. kymber,
    So, you are a lip balm addict. I have heard of those. LOL

    I never knew honey was good for chapped lips. Thanks for that. How do you keep it from running off your lips? How do you keep from licking if off?

    You know lots about honey? Why does it choke me and make me cough so? Also, does the old lip balm case hold it in so it does not run out? This is all strange and new to me.


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