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Monday, November 21, 2011

All Dried Out

sweet potato, green beans, carrots, corn=8 lbs
The best part of dehydrating frozen vegetables is that the blanching is done by someone else. Blanching is not difficult, but it just more energy that I don't have. Seven of nine shelves are full. One shelf with onions is not showing, and I don't know why.

The other shelf is for some of the two heads of celery I bought for $.88/each. I was pooped and did not get to it today.

There are still cranberries to dehydrate. I want to see if they are good without added sugar. Craisins are great, but have added sugar. If I cannot snack on my dried cranberries, maybe I can add them to dressing, just like Stove Top Stuffing does.  I love that boxed dressing! However, I do make my own dressing from scratch at Thanksgiving.

Here are the results. Each two-pound bag of these vegetables was at least a half gallon.
The sweet potato medallions were too thick, so I sliced then in half. Two-pounds of frozen corn= two dehydrated cups. Two-pounds of frozen green beans=a dehydrated pint. Two pounds of frozen carrots=1 dehydrated cup.

The sweet potato medallions never did dry, so those will be cooked soon, but stored in the refrigerator. 

Okay, this was 1/3 of an onion that I put in there. It is stored in a 2-ounce pimiento jar. I imagine I will use this within the next week.

A snack; better than chips
Of course, as usual, I had to try everything. The sweet potatoes will take your permanent teeth out. I have another method of dehydrating next time. The corn is too crunchy and tiny. The carrots will break strong teeth. These are of jawbreaker hardness. Aaaaah, the green beans...sigh. They are a scrumptious crunchy snack, healthful and delicious with no seasonings. I suppose seasonings would improve these for people who need seasoning.
You have to understand:
I have never met a green bean I did not like.
These little babies were very crispy.
Yum! And nutritious.

High-end groceries sell clam shells of dehydrated vegetables, slice very thin with seasonings, oil, and preservatives added. Even after dehydrating, seasoning can be added to these vegetables.  The clamshells of dehydrated vegetables sell for an exorbitant price. Home-prepared vegetable snacks are cheaper and don't contain preservatives.

Your turn
Have you ever dehydrated frozen food? Do you think you would like dehydrated vegetables for a snack? How do you prepare dehydrated vegetable snacks?


  1. I have not met a dehydrated vegetable that I enjoyed eating dried. I think that is because I purposely overdry my foods for longer storage. Dry them all like your corn.
    Fruit is another story-these are for eating dry-I have never liked reconstituting these to cook with.
    What do you do to dry your vegetables to be edible as a snack?

    Yours all look so pretty in jars!

  2. I just took the frozen vegetables, dehydrated, and tried to see how they tasted and felt. I think mine are overdried, too. I just got lucky with the green beans. Probably, no one else would like dehydrated green beans. If I had more fruit, I might have enough to reconstitute, but I eat it too fast.

  3. i am not a fan of dried vegetables although they are an excellent long-term food storage product. jambaloney will eat dried-anything chips - but not so much me. i like dried fruit and fruit leathers tho.

    your friend,

  4. kymber,
    Several years ago, I discovered that dried zucchini was wonderful. I sliced it thin and it got crispy. I was willing for forego salt or garlic for the health benefits. I understand the dried fruits. I love them, too. I am not sure these will last long since I have so few. At least they did not go to waste for lack of freezer space.

  5. Oh Linda, they look beautiful. I have one of those smaller round dehydrators . It works well enough but I haven't dehydrated veggies this year, mainly because I wasn't well enough to put in my veggie garden. Hopefully this spring.

  6. Patty,
    Thanks! Only a few tomatoes were in my "garden" this year on my four plants. Everything was given to me. I hope you feel better now.


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