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Monday, November 28, 2011

Got-to-read blog--2 posts today

I just admire Wendy so much. She lives in northern Ontario, hates cold/snow/ice. She manages to feed her family from garden and meat she raises, kills, and dresses, then processes. While I will probably never have the opportunity and hopefully not the need to get into raising beef, scooping up road-kill bear, I am still amazed at the processes. (Oh, the bear was still warm, I think, anyway it was just killed.

If you don't follow or read Little House in the Big Wood, try it at least once. You might be hooked as I am. The whole month of November has been about killing Steaks, their beef stock, aptly named. She always warns you when graphic pictures will be ahead. But, if you have ever seen the innards of an animal, you will be okay. Sometimes, I read it while I eat.

This woman deserves a gillion followers, and a gillion people need to at least see what she does. Most people can work rings around me. But, it is what she does that amazes me. Her father is a butcher, so she grew up with this and he can advise her. She is passing all this along to her four boys. She and her husband make a good team, as he is handy around the house and on the Although, one day, I think she was ON the barn.

Another post to follow this one in a few minutes. My door is wide open in 36 degree F weather. It is raining and I think the hens decided to quit pooping on the door mat and settle down in their cage! Finally!


  1. Wendy rocks, and along with you, is one of my absolute heroes! she should have a gillion followers but ya know what? the followers she does have truly appreciate her. she makes me proud to be a Canadian. and i am learning so much from her and her family that we will put into practice here at Framboise Manor.

    thanks Wendy! and thanks for showcasing her here, PracticalP.

    your friend,

  2. kymber,
    I have been reading her blog from the beginning. I hope you will enjoy her blog as much as I do.

  3. Ok, you're making me blush, lol. Wendy really doesn't care about having a gillion followers though. She just blogs cause she likes to write about her life, and the crazy in-laws ruined facebook for her, lol.

  4. Wendy,
    A gillion followers could learn how to dress a bear or cow!


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