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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frugal Post-Halloween

Chocolate candy corn...yum

Right after Halloween I searched for candy corn. It was later in the day, so I assumed I had just missed on the clearance. Someone else had scooped up all the candy corn! Bummer  Then, exbf and I went to Walmart for something later in the week. There were about six carts of Halloween stuff, sitting in carts by the door.

"Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!" That was all the sound I could make. The electric cart stopped and I waggled my hand as I just made that silly noise. 


"Get it, get it!"  I waggled my hand.


"Candy corn, candy corn, chocolate candy corn!"  I think I was bouncing on the seat by then.

You see, there were only two or three bags left of chocolate candy corn amidst a cart of regular candy corn and several people who were into that cart. I was ready to go into a tantrum to match any two-year-old. Or, I think I sounded like one. A guy was laughing at me and confusion of exbf who literally jumped to see what I wanted.

Whew! He got one for me and then proceeded to get the regular ones for himself. There was a cartful of the regular candy corn for him. At $1 for the hugest bag I have seen, I figured we still should share and save more money and calories. He does not like chocolate ones.  

At home we both tore into our respective bags. I put some of mine in a glass jar. The rest I put down to find a twist-tie and cook lunch. Later the next day, I found the bag still open. So, it is trash. Tonight, I got out the jar and started eating. I bite off all the orange and white parts and make a little pile of the chocolate, eating the chocolate last.

Right now, I feel like I ate a cup of sugar. Yuck! for the feeling. Yum! for the time just before I ate too much tonight and was still enjoying it.

(Another indoor shot with funny color graces my opening of the blog post once again.)

Your turn
Did you wait until after Halloween to indulge in Halloween candy? Or, did lucky you have children's candy to eat while they were at school?  I did that.  They got wise and hid their candy from me.


  1. teeheehee - chocolate candy corn of all things is your downfall - who knew? don't care for any halloween candy myself but i love those tiny bags of chips!!! thankfully have been getting myself off of them the last few years!

    i have been under the weather the last few days and that is why i am late getting to these posts. better late than never eh?

    your friend,

  2. Anything chocolate needs to be hidden from matter who it belongs to. I have to try those chocokte candy corn. I wasn't hungry until now.

  3. kymber,
    Only at Halloween is candy corn the culprit. Who wants a Reese's cup shaped like a pumkin at twice the price. Glad you are getting better.

    Did you eat your children's chocolate candy from the bag at Halloween, or their Easter Basket or their Christmas stockings? I did.

    Little brats refused to give me any. Well, that was after I raided all those and they got big emough to remember what was in their stash. That happened when the oldest was three. He then warned the girl born next that Mama steals. They warned the younger daughter and helped her keep it out of my reach at night.

    Finally, so they would quit calling me names and I could stop wrestling the chocolate from them or threatening them, Santa and the Easter Bunny left a secret stash for me.

    Me to eight-year-old child: "You won't even give me a piece of your stocking candy? You do remember I bought that in the first place?

    Eight-year-old to me: "Well, Santa gave it to ME! You should have left a stocking."


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