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Monday, August 8, 2011

"...who had a crooked fence..."

crooked fence

Oh, that line should be in the song....

Can you see my cheap crooked fence? It is just a weird cloud of chicken wire, more like a chicken barrier than a fence. I was in a parsimonious mood. I need my money for other things than proper fence posts. Maybe that was a mistake.

My engineer exbf is not a builder of anything. He is an industrial engineer. He dutifully got anything post-like from my basement just like I asked him to do. When I saw my paint roller extension on the lawn, ready to be used as a fence corner, I almost had a heart attack.

This "garden" probably needs an explanation. Two years ago, someone gave me a roll of six-foot chicken wire. In case you don't know, chicken wire is to keep chickens in. It also can be used to keep chickens out of a garden.

However, chicken wire, contrary to opinions of others, will NOT keep chickens safe from predators, especially raccoons. It will keep an owl or hawk from swooping down into the pen. Mildly interested dogs and cats soon leave when I yell. A determined dog or cat could easily get under or over. But, raccoons make short work of this weak wire.

There are two upright things/poles against that fence and two on the corners out from the fence. Each of the four tomato plants is staked to some sort of upright/pole item. Now, pvc pipe, a broom stick, a piece of galvanized pipe, a chrome pipe, a piece of bamboo, and several long things serve to hold the tomatoes and the chicken wire up off the ground.

It is not pretty, just effective.

Since I put these plants out around the 4th of July, there has been no bug spray of any kind and no fertilizer applied. They are all growing like mad. Oh, there is one jalapeno in the back.

I am puzzled. I told him to use two twist-ties to close up the lap in the "fence." So far, I only see his shoe lace tied a knot that will mean I have to cut it off....Aaaack!

However, the St Augustine grass is lush and lovely. The wisteria is already holding onto the chicken wire.

I know, I know...I need to straighten this up a bit and hope the lightly-tapped-into-the-ground posts don't fall over.

Your turn
Do you "make do" for a fence in your garden? Have you quit laughing yet? You were crying and choking because you laughed so hard? Okay.


  1. It doesn't look laughable. Infact, I like it! We cursed and cursed the old owners for leaving around so much junk for us to dispose of, but after our initial inventory, we are now praising them for doing us a favor. We have been able to reuse alot of things for fences, trellises, all manner of stakes. Why buy if you don't have to?

  2. Yes, none of it cost me a cent.

  3. LimdaM, I meant to mention, there is no way I can walk around and tend my plants! The "fence" sways inward and blocks the area around the bed. It is actually no better than when the chicken wire was hooked to the pink bed with no access. Take my word for it,it is useless in giving me access.


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