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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not in My Wildest Dreams...

...would I have ever dreamed this product would be on the shelves. Not only is this wasteful of resources, a piece of junk, a piece of plastic, landfill fodder, but it also encourages unhealthy eating.

Don't get me wrong, I will eat a Twinkie. But, the container calls for a refill every day. Hostess should be ashamed of themselves. Oh...The hat pops up to hold a Twinkie.

This is the latest of the trend of labeling children's lunch/food storage containers with brands...Cheerios, Crayola, and others.

My parsimonious heels are digging in. 

I don't believe I ever gave my children a Twinkie for school lunch. I made cookies for them.

Your turn
Are you as appalled as I?


  1. Disgusting. Its not just the commercialism either but the health aspect is disturbing to me. Yesterday, we were looking to buy pretzels for a short road trip. We were pricing potato chips too. We like those now and then but haven't bought them in a very long time. 3.99 for about 10 oz. of oil?!!!!
    We ended up buying bananas. I just can't understand how people can afford to eat unhealthy foods in the first place. If I was addicted and needed to stop, the price alone would motivate me to lose weight.

  2. LindaM, exactly! The commercialism promotes an unhealthy lifestyle.

    I wanted Ruffles potato chips because I was going to make pimiento and cheese. I like them together. The smallest bag Ruffles makes was $4.29. for 10 oz. The price made it easy for me to leave it on the shelf.

  3. Oh, how sad! .... a twinkie a day keeps the doctor, wait, that was something else. Yeeeesh....

    Matt and I used to buy sweet treats at gas stations on roadtrips. Now I just bake cookies to bring along. I still get a sweet treat, but it was reasonably priced and not full of scray sounding things I cannot pronounce. All it takes is a little planning.

    But, my cookies don't come with a super cool plastic container probably made in China and shipped around the world....

  4. LOL...a Twinkie a day would probably kill me eventually. I long for them if I see them. So, I just don't look at things like that. I mostly baked things for my children, like I said, but they did not get a dessert in their lunch very often. Grapes were a good dessert. Now, I just have to remember what I fed them and eat it myself. I remember the roadtrip junk when I was alone. Amazing how that stuff disappears.

  5. I must admit I have caved and given my kiddo the occasional snack cake. Never a Twinkie, though. About a year ago, while pregnant, I really wanted one since I hadn't had one in years. My husband got a box, and I went to eat one. I didn't finish because I could literally taste the chemicals. The box went into the garbage.
    And I HATE HATE HATE the commercialism of anything marketed to children. This goes for the Twinkie container, t-shirts emblazoned with Disney characters, and more. I bristled while caving in and buying my toddler an Elmo stuffed toy at a bookstore, but the child was not leaving without it. It is the only thing in my house with any sort of character theme. My children are simply not advertising space for these companies.

  6. I keep hearing how awful Twinkies taste now. So, I suppose in the interest of science or public welfare, I now must go buy one and see. I hope I don't have to buy more than two in a pack. That will call for a Twinkie

    When my children were little, it was not such a big deal. They got very little but I did not mind the Strawberry Shortcake and Snoopy products. Now? It seems to have gotten out of hand. They never had clothing with any emblem or ads. Well, the son had a hand-me-down Mr. Peanut shirt. It is much more of a problem now.

  7. Andrea, The occassional snack cake is not going to hurt any child. It is the all day feeding frenzy that is trash that hurts. I was dead set against feeding sweets to my children, yet they did have some sweets, just not as many as they wanted, as often as they wanted. Their father was the worst for wanting garbage to eat. I set a good example and ate a Hershey, sometimes the three children and I shared one candy bar. And, we would share one Coke...I kept small cups in the car just for that purpose.


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