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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upcycled seating and hen bedtime

Last week I had to make a u-turn. Yes, I had to because I saw something I wanted to photograph.
bedironseat2 (2)
Bed to seat
Isn't this just the nicest remake ever? I have seen wooden beds remade for a bench, but never a metal bed. Below, you can see the seat for the bench. I have seen this mesh-type material, but cannot place it.
Update: The seat is from a tabletop. The frame to go around the seat was welded to fit. Thanks, Stephanie for this information. It is all so clear where I have seen this material. Of course, something else would work.
The pictures are a funny color and angle, but I had to stand where the sun was not in my eyes. Consequently, I was closer than I wanted to be.
I have seen this very style of bed and never thought the bed could be made into a seat. Now, the wooden ones have been around since the 70s. My brother gave me a wooden seat made from a double bed. I never could get it 150 miles back home, so my mother got rid of it.

I started this blog last week in the midst of a fever. Then, with one keystroke, I lost it all. I thought the fever was gone. But, the fever remains and my sinuses are causing a massive face and forehead ache. I hope I can NOT erase all this time.
table for three
My hens were the recipients of the leavings of my watermelon I finished today. They ate for awhile, seemed to lose interest, and left. Yet, when I came back out, they had finished it, including the rind. Only the outer skin remained.

Fancy is at 1 o'clock; Thelma is at 6 o'clock; Louise is at 11 o'clock. (above)
Louise is scratching with both feet
Before they became bored and walked away in search of grass, Louise got in with both feet, scratching.
I suppose she was scratching out more watermelon seeds!

Louise goes to bed

But, the cage is still out on the porch, one step down. She objected to my taking her from the cage so I could put it indoors without having to lift her and carry her up two steps. As soon as the cage was in the doorway, she jumped right back in. However....

Fancy roosting outside the door
Fancy, in the foreground, and Thelma are not going to come in. You can see how dark it is. Usually they are fussing at me, wanting inside. I talked to them and told them to come in. They usually jump right off the rail and into their cage when I get it all settled and tell them it is time for bed.

This time, they both ignored me...for a long time. Thelma was facing the other way, but she seemed to want to ignore me, so she turned like she is, where she cannot see me. They have never done this. Usually, when I wait too long, well, longer than they like, they come right into the house when their cage is in place. I had to pick them from their roost on the iron rail by the porch and step and put them into their cage indoors.

Finally, all tucked in


Your turn
Don't you just love these seats/benches made from beds? Metal in the yard will not rot! Do you have trouble getting the children to bed?


  1. yes, LOVE that!! so glad you shared...will be on the lookout for how to do something similar!

  2. I promised I would pop by and say hi, before I put the computer to bed this evening: and the first post I read has my two most favourite things, recycling and chickens!!

    My daughter has a single bed like that one, and I'm constantly on the lookout for another bed because it's not as stable as I'd like it. My brain has always wondered what I could use it for, because I wouldn't pass it to someone else in it's condition. Now I have some new ideas, so thanks for sharing. :)

    I love your hens too. Very pretty and highly independent, which seems to be a good trait in hardy chickens. They love you when you're around, but then don't look back when it comes to the big forrage on the free-range.

    Glad I got to say hi, I've been meaning to but life and stuff always gets in the way. Happy chicken adventures tomorrow. With chickens, there's always an adventure. ;)

  3. @Dmarie and @Chris,This project requires welding! I am glad you both came by and want to do something with an iron bed.

    @Chris, I love my hens, too. Rhode Island Reds are supposed to be hardy. So far, so good.

  4. Linda, beautiful photos of your hens! They are adorable.
    I've not seen metal beds like that but have seen wooden ones. My kids don't know the meaning of bedtime- nocturnal beings at this age.

  5. Thank you, LindaM,
    I think they are the tops. Yes, I and being a teen.

  6. Love that seat. Some people are so clever.

    I really hope you start to feel better soon. It seems like you have been not well for too long.


  7. Thanks. Tomorrow will be my third Monday in a row at the doctor's office! Most of the temp is gone. Cheek area, forehead, and nose are in severe pain from the continued sinus congestion, from which I have had NO relief, not even with the steroids.


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