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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Possum Day: fall forecast

possumwimbleyParsimony and Fun

This was an absolutely cheap outing for me. I discovered the event by accident. The venue is the same as the Farmer's Market, so it is only four blocks from my house. Gas costs were negligible.

Our own
At sunset, Wimbley will predict if we will have an early fall or not, just like Punxsutawney Phil does for spring. The prediction is at the end of the post today.

Earlier in the day there was a 5K Possum Run. Possum Day was held in three different venues. I managed to stumble upon the last of the three. A Strong Man contest happened heard or forgot. Oh, there was a redneck yacht race. The strong man contest and yacht race were in the same spirit as the Possum Queen contest. The 5K run was in earnest.

"Round 2"
They played classic rock. Great music. It would have been better if I had chosen to sit in the back as I usually would have. I wanted pictures. Yes, there were four band members, but I wanted another shot of the Possum Queen.

This event raised money for several charities, on of which was Susan G. Komen for the cure.

My splurge
possumhotdogNo, I did not need this. But, I wanted it. I really could use that $3 today, since I only have change in the bank and more change in my wallet.  It was delicious.

Now, am I lonely
I may have been the lone Democrat in a Republican stronghold. Many politicians were out shaking hands. The teens from the county won this honor in Washington, DC.

We have had two governors from this city and another from the county. People are very active politically.

Face Painting

This little girl allowed me to take her picture.

Children Dancing
possumdancepossumdancingWhen the little girl discovered I was taking her picture, she danced faster, twirled more, and kept her eye on me when she could.

Choosing a Possum Queen

The contestants were given their instructions in the morning. They had a task to complete before the pageant: Go to yard sales and find the cheapest outfit they possibly could to wear that evening. At 6 p.m. they returned to the contest.

The contestants all stood up front in their finery with the band as their backdrop and answered trivia-type questions. These questions being answered right or wrong was of little consequence. The winner was not chosen for her knowledge. We clapped.

possum2contestantsTwo contestants--one in a pool with a fishing pole, the other in a graduation robe with straw hat and something disparaging about our town. Not sure what.

Shannon had a Daisy Duke thing going on, a garter and red toenails.


Trey has a lovely pink gown, pink shoes, and a pink bow in his hair.

Backless fashion. Okay, it will zip no farther.

All five contestants. I cannot find a decent picture of the young woman in the camo outfit and boots.

The Queen
possumcontestantpinkbackTrey was very tall. He fell to his knee to receive the crown. No one had to coax him to do anything of this. He is such a good actor. His mother was sitting behind me, shocked. She said he was so shy. He is a drummer for the high school band.

Adopt a possum
possum3crochetAn employee of a business that provides foster homes for children was present. She had a table with a contest. I entered my name in the drawing to win a knit or crocheted possum. Why not? LOL

I was exhausted after the two hours spent having fun. Many of the pictures just did not turn out. As you can see by the box full of trophies, this was not a high class shindig with a covered table holding the trophies and crown.

One of the organizers who is running for circuit court clerk owns a huge local sporting goods company, so he donated the huge trophies.

Yes, we know it is really an opossum and we might ought to spell it 'possum. But, this was Possum Day.

Questions for the contestants:
I am too tired to make these into multiple choice or even into questions. Each contestant in turn was given a multiple choice question to answer. Here are the facts about which they were quizzed. I suppose this was the talent portion of the contest.

Gestation period for a possum--1-2 months
Mother carries young on her back--1-2 months
Color of possum ears--black
Which do they not eat? fish, flowers, insects, eggs..answer, fish
Colonel Cullman founded Cullman County
City of Cullman founded in 1877
Alabama admitted to the union--1880
Recognized Indian tribe in Cullman--Cherokee
State bird--Yellowhammer
State flower--Camellia
Alabama known as Heart of Dixie, Yellowhammer State, and Cotton State
State nut--pecan
States that border Al-4
States--Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi
Alabama had the first in the world--which of these?
a) first red light
b) first street car X...On Dexter St, in Montgomery

I took notes during the question and answer session.

"The meat is more sweet when it is flattened on the street." (Yes, people did eat roadkill. It is not a rumor.) This was said in unison by most of the people in attendance.

My dentist, our state senator, was proclaimed the most possum-friendly senator.

Told at Possum Day:
Q: What is the difference in a dead lawyer in the road and a dead possum in the road?
A: There are skid marks in front of the possum.

More facts
Possum fat is very good for humans. We mostly see possums dead in the road because cars hit them as they try to cross. They are pests and will kill my hens.

At one minute to sundown, we were told to behold the flag, barely moving in the breeze, but it was a breeze. Now, if Wimbley feels a breeze at sundown, we are in for an early fall.
Wimbley and Sprocket and Birmingham Zoo handler

"!" We all chanted just like it was New Year's Eve and we were waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square. Wimbley and Sprocket felt a breeze! We will have an early fall.

Your turn
Have you ever eaten possum? I have not.
Have you ever seen a dead possum, flattened in the road? I have seen hundreds.


  1. I love the pictures of the guys dressed up, that was too funny. After this summer I hope the possum is right.

  2. Coley, Lots of people are wishing for early fall. I had rather keep it warmish. Those guys were awesome, hilarious. Thanks for commenting.

  3. That looks like quite the celebration to stumble upon! Oh, and I don't think I have ever seen a possum in my life. We don't have them in Montana apparently. Now skunks and porcupines are a different story....

  4. Gotta love the Queen! They always say that its the quiet ones......glad that you had a great time. Its raining and cold, just like Fall today here. The Possum just might be right!

  5. BLD. Possums are not cute or pretty. This one is tame. But, they are quite vicious if cornered. The show their 50 teeth and hiss. If that does not work, they fall over with their tongue hanging out, "playing possum." Yes, they act dead.

    Actually, I think the kid is straight. When he joined the band in "Brown-eyed Girl" and they sang "making love...", he backed off with a NO hand movement (palms out) and look that distanced himself in disapproval. He just clunked around, boy-like until time for his few moments to shine...then, he did not really swish, just hammed it up. He really made the show.

    Ugh, hot here, humid and making my sinuses act up even more. This seems early for even a taste of Fall, but you are much farther north.

  6. We have different possums in Australia, a lot more cute but probably just as viscious with a bight if they are cornered. There are many dead ones in suburban streets, as they try to nest in people's roofs and raid their gardens of anything edible. Mostly fruit!

    It looked like a fun day was had though, and a slurg every now and then isn't so bad. :)

  7. Chris, It was lots of fun. I will have to look up the AU possums. We mostly see dead possums in the country, not so much on the city streets. But, they try the same things here.

  8. Persisent critters aren't they, but then the world would be a terrible place without critters. :)

    I googled "possums au" and pressed the images button. There are quite a few different types.

  9. LOL...yes, but we only want the critters when we want them. I have had a possum or two under my house and up the trees here. But, I did not have chickens. Possums are the only marsupials in North America.

  10. Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A. To show the possum that it COULD be done.

  11. Donna, that is soooo funny. That was truly a LOL moment. I actually was laughing sooo hard that I could not type, NOW, I have to find someone to share this with! Thanks sooooo much.


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